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  1. yeah the 180 timer was just unfun to play against, 3 mins out of the game = boring. I'm glad it got changed

  2. Heinz are rubbish, I’d much rather go own brand over them but Branston are the Uber daddies, you can’t change my mind!

  3. I have journeyed the beanscape & of all bean brands, I've found M&S own brand to be the perfect bean. heinz are overhyped garbage

  4. I still think Corbyn would have made us more like a Scandinavian country like Finland or Denmark rather than North Korea.

  5. one thing labour can do is rejoin the single market, conservatives are idealogically locked out of that route to growth, and it'd be a huge short term boon for us

  6. much of europe were off colonising and looting for much of that time, america is just one of many.

  7. You can enjoy the games, which aren't really affected by much, and still complain about the production quality. They are two separate things.

  8. I agree, and I'd say for me the DPC this year has been a higher quality overall, and I'm happier with this balance.

  9. I'd love them not to be, and it shouldn't be, but we must remember valve are a tiny start up with no money...

  10. if it's your first show ever, I'd recommend getting there reasonably early. I used to enjoy watching everything building, the crowd coming in & getting more and more excited. if you've got time for it, it improved my early gig going experience :)

  11. I wrote my thesis on this topic, only the laws of nature, not time. The mistake in your reasoning is how you’ve described time. “Time” isn’t a real thing. “Time in a specific frame of reference” is the nearest analogy & since animals only exist in a relatively stable frame of reference, cause and effect work as we expect them too. whether cause and effect are free, probabilistic or predetermined is a whole other area & what you want to look into to discuss free will.

  12. I am referring to space-time, which is a physical thing.

  13. Most discussions of spacetime treat it as a model, I’d recommend looking into structural realism if you want to examine the possibility of physical spacetime. Even so, it being physical won’t change our consistent cause & effect & the way it affects free will

  14. I’d recommend not visiting SS, it’s full of amateur anti intellectual traders, wild speculation & cultish groupthink.

  15. You know it, I’ve heard he holds 300% of the float & has sold all the cc’s

  16. Tell me how it’s blatantly encouraging DRS? It’s an emoji. It could be interpreted as meaning literally anything.

  17. What the fuck else should it mean?!

  18. literally anything, here’s one of the top of my head. It’s One of RCs friends birthday, they’re favourite colour is purple, they have inside joke about the Purple Heart emoji. I could spin up 1000s more.

  19. Have you heard of delta? Options move markets a lot. Shares, not so much

  20. +1 unless you count watching the ticker & waggling a mouse every few minutes

  21. What lol your trying to suspend me like makes no sense I just created Reddit first time user man

  22. classic bag holder technique, make an account, try and create buzz, a 9 day account promising riches = highly suspect

  23. Up 44% now, I think this is bullish. Let me check the data

  24. DRS eliminates the risk your broker will force close your position for cheap in order to save their own ass

  25. I’ve read my brokers T&Cs, I know how they manage risk, I know how they isolate exposure. I’m comfortable with them holding my ‘shares’. otherwise I wouldn’t be using them.

  26. You tricked me into reading that nonsensical rant before I even realized you sent me to stupidstonk. I feel duped. I just want to make money, I don't care about doing "an unfathomable amount of good for people" because I don't really like people. I feel bad for people that legitimately believe they're helping society by DRSing 20 shares of GME.

  27. Wooooooaaah there, I’ve personally DRSd 4 whole shares, you’re telling me that that isn’t going to bring down the establishment? What a massive shill, I’m not here to get rich, and make the lives of those around me better. I know my shares are going to somehow become infinity valuable and magically restart the economy or something

  28. I wish I understood how to trade options. I'm even afraid of writing CC because idk where the button is to close or cash out or whatever. Not even mentioning wtf I should put for bid/ask thingy.

  29. I learnt by playing in a paper account, work out when each one goes up/down & how to use your broker

  30. Or not, it’s a homophobic term & I didn’t use it on purpose

  31. To win an election. realignment is going to take time & is the step to joining, if he can spin it as 'making brexit work' then it makes sense to

  32. How are there more shares out there if everyone is just holding. Everyone just quadrupled their shares.

  33. You just said it, quadrupled their shares, we went from a float of ~90 million to a float of ~360 million. The overall value hasn’t changed but the float has

  34. Your response does not make sense. If more liquidity was causing price stagnation, which is what I understand you to be claiming, where is the volume. The trading volume would need to increase. The opposite has happened. The volume is lower now on a larger float.

  35. The leverage on CFDs is huge, they are the riskiest instrument available to retail, by a long way. that 10 cent spread isn’t fixed, as volatility picks up, it will widen.

  36. you're going to have to read the agreements - I got the same & re-read the T&C's. I strongly recommend to everyone that they spend the time reading through this stuff when choosing a broker, it's dull, but if you're trusting them with your money, it seems best to understand the conditions you're signing up to.

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