Women scream after seeing sliding dead bodies while mountaineering.

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  1. Post removed for inciting violence. "We’re going out to kill" is against the rules of this sub. You can communicate protest dates without breaking this rule. First warning.

  2. You can’t reason with Basijis, especially if they’ve been flown in the by the IR to support the regime.

  3. That’s probably why they played like dicks. The US wasn’t without shit, but Iran played like crybabies.

  4. Yeah for being the best team in Asia (or top 3 depending on who you ask) they performed terribly in this World Cup. They were under immense pressure from both the citizenry and the regime.

  5. Removed: Please don't post content with peoples usernames. And try not to feed trolls.

  6. I remember in the first 2 weeks they were saying its just a "twitter revolution lmao". Here we are into the third month and IRGC are being picked off and having their houses firebombed while kids are being shot in the streets.

  7. Roman people had some kind of code of honor when it comes to the aggression against her. Because of that not everyone who has shown aggression against Rome was titled as "enemy". In that regard Iran was the only enemy of Rome until the bitter end, the only equal of her.

  8. Yet somehow movies only seem to depict Germanic tribes and Carthage as Romes rivals. When those campaigns didn’t last nearly as long as the centuries long battles with Iran.

  9. Allow me to pre-empt the asshole who will surely come here to tell us that “only the wealthy in northern Tehran dressed this way and 99% of women dressed like penguins” and also “this is western propaganda that doesn’t paint an accurate picture of Iran before the revolution.” Fuck off, yeah?

  10. Sorry to ask, why does this photo look like AI-generated? Is she a famous activist? Why is she arrested?

  11. She's a clothing model and painter according to her insta. Not sure why she has been arrested though.

  12. If the people of Tehran would go out into the streets in the same ratio as the people of Zahedan, this would be over.

  13. Tehran is a huge city. While that would be amazing, I imagine it would take some time and momentum before we see a huge crowds like that covering Tehran.

  14. The majority of the people who kicked off the revolution were left wing. The clerics didn’t join until relatively late. In fact, protests started around 77-78.

  15. Zio Esmaeilion - yoooo that should be an actual meme, this is good material for stickers on AzadiNow! "The discord galaxybrain regime supporter" sticker, might sell like hotcakes 🥞 🤔

  16. The guy had his wife and child killed by the regime. He has every right to spend every ounce of his life and energy in overthrowing it.

  17. When a middle eastern person does something negative it’s our culture.

  18. More specifically: muslims. The Islam is a much more active religion in Western Europe than christianity.

  19. It was also the religion with the least significant apostate rate but the number of people leaving Islam in Europe began growing exponentially a few years ago.

  20. I have the honor of being banned from there, but I would have loved to show them just how "Pro Iran" their regime founder is.

  21. 2500 years of history as a multiethnic empire and country. These Mullahs and fringe seperatists aren’t going to be the ones who balkanize Iran into small ethno states.

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