TIFU by topping 550 lbs [UPDATE]

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  1. Keep your head up brother, the fact being away from them makes you feel this strongly means they’re loved and have a great father

  2. BT / Maw / DD are all viable 3rd item options, the latter two are just nerfed from what they used to be which is fine they were overtuned

  3. Sage advice with zero suggestions how to do so. Can we trade these stupid ass fans with no suggestions?

  4. Ski Mask the Slump God & Trippie comes to mind. Both have the talent, but their albums never give me that generational feel.

  5. You and I have similar hairloss, they should have transplanted hair entirely around the forelock and unfortunately didn't.

  6. Viktor doesnt struggle into fizz, it's a pretty free lane if you take boneplating and overgrowth.

  7. How you get oral Min in the US? Do Roman or Hims offers it?

  8. Grow a pair man. She has no respect for you because you don’t respect yourself. It’s over, she wants to go have sex with other men and literally told you about it

  9. I was just doing simple math -- I turn 52 this year. Unless I'm going to make it to 103, I'm past the middle.

  10. What’s the average? That seems reasonable to me

  11. There isn’t really an average but 10% of annual spending / income is what’s normally done by those that want to

  12. The best clinics are typically the best at managing their patients, and Konior is exceptional at this. I'd say these results below can both be viewed negatively,

  13. Sorry to hear that. For what it’s worth your results still look good, although I understand the frustration and where you’re coming from

  14. Beautiful tank. Feel free to ignore my opinion, since it’s exactly that, but I’d consider rescaping to avoid the “pile of rocks” look.

  15. You’ll look like a domestic abuse victim for a week due to the injections during surgery draining into your face, take a week or so off

  16. It honestly doesn't matter what methodology you pick (of the main ones, SPIN, Challenger, Sandler, etc.) as long as it works with your personality and how you want to sell.

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