1. The quality of this figure is just absurd. IMO this is the best LL figure ever! Is this the one with a Led inside the lamp? Or it was just a rumor?

  2. So you’re saying we’ve been living in Rin’s world all along? Truly best girl

  3. Go to Paimon Menu, Edit Profile, (add chara) Character Showcase and show character must be on (bottom right).

  4. Now I want a sub unit with: Kotori, Ruby, Hanayo and Mari.

  5. Pay-chan's eyes are so big, that I can see the reflection of her arm lol

  6. I like how the grooves from the can match the bumper line as well lmao. these two were meant to be

  7. Is she a relatively new seiyuu? I can't really find any info on her

  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/tifu/comments/vncutx/tifu_by_buying_a_life_size_sex_doll

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