1. It is homemade I found recipes on internet

  2. Patatoes Carrot Cabbage Chicken breast Egg Rice Olive oil

  3. Definitely lag: 1000 pacu/shinebug/many critters. Main reason is decor calculation and path finding. Keep them around 100 (or max 64 cause critter sensor), put in 1 tile/liquids,...(should use poke shell to "evol" in pacu ranch, DONT make shinebug reactor)

  4. Change your driver to version 512.59. LHR unlocker requires in windows 512.XX driver version, but lower or equal than 512.59

  5. İ downgrade once and lhr was unlocked but I'll try yours

  6. 180w in hiveos, dont know config in windows, don’t put any thing in power and let me your mh/s

  7. Did u already got 3070ti? If not then choose either 3070 or 3080 12gb, because 3070ti is bad price/performance.

  8. I'm currently on cycle 3500. Did the infinite solid storage early and that helped. I had ladders everywhere, which I removed after strip mining which helped a ton

  9. Vacuum storing all your resources and limiting dupe and critter pathing will help a ton.

  10. when my game crash cpu gpu using at %50 or 60 its so interesting and i limit dupe pathing

  11. Cycle 2230? Have you heard about quantum processors? I think that’s what you need

  12. i dont want give up at this point :(

  13. As I know plant harvest they self after 4 cycles

  14. So +4 cycles to growth time, pretty bad for things like mealwood and other low growth time plants.

  15. Well I have 20m kcal and I have no hurry so it's not problem for me :)

  16. I'm sorry to all. I'm referring about using target action. Dupe don't do anything and stays like that no move no breathe after some time dupe will die if you not restart game.

  17. Yeah, so after looking at it, what's definitely happening is that they're jumping up to the dry area to the left; once Pokeshells exit the liquid (ethanol/water) their morph egg chances drop rapidly. The morph egg chances increase much slower than they decrease, hence why you're ultimately seeing very low values still. You pretty much need to ensure that they are in at least 350kg of the liquid at all times.

  18. Thx I'll try uptade build or do you have any good one?

  19. I think you have roughly the right idea but the pit is too much.

  20. So I'll destroy right door and tile and let them wander

  21. what material did you use ? and for automation what setting ?

  22. I have same problem I have idle dupes and many atmo suit but they don't deliver

  23. If that is filled with CO2, I would get it out. CO2 has terrible thermal properties, and it may mess with your steam generation eventually. Other than that, I enjoy the number of tempshift plates.

  24. It is not co2 room steam only and it's wallpaper mod boosting termal conductivy

  25. There is fashionitc mod change outfit and give skill boost

  26. So, the main thing to remember with auto-sweepers is that they work off of the same task system that dupes do. When the metal refinery creates a task to fill it with ore, if a dupe is idle and has high enough priority for the "Supply" task type, then the dupe can accept the task. At which point, the auto-sweeper won't do it, because it's already being done. This applies even if the dupe is on the other side of the base and needs to run all the way to the top to get aluminium ore, and then run all the way back down.

  27. I have many idle dupes. Thanks for info doesn't know that.

  28. Closing doors when launch rockets thinking how to automate it

  29. Careful. In space, temp doesnt radiate. Its possible for the doors to absorb enough heat, with enough rocket launches over time, to melt anyways.

  30. It's modded insulated doors I used ceramic :)

  31. Connect smart battery to power generators and use bigger transformer.

  32. Why this radbolt generators overheat (1k) ? i have a lot weezworts

  33. You can automate dirt delivery and need cooling for plants future

  34. To my knowledge it forms igneous on the right side but I could me wrong

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