1. Imagining having a PS4 and having to wait until April 4th.

  2. Season 1-3 is amazing! Watched these a lot of times. Season 4-5 I've only watched once.

  3. Didn't iCarly stop like 7 years ago? How is it still on the nominee list?

  4. There was a revival of the series in 2020, and if I'm not mistaken, it's going for it's 3rd season.

  5. I was gonna make this one. But I knew it'd have been so predictable with Klaus and Five in the final

  6. I tried making one 4-5 months ago, it got deleted instantly :(

  7. No, a lot of people bought it in season 1 and you can get it in the rp if you're lucky now.

  8. Wife tested with 5 yesterday and it increases your profit per seed to 913 a seed from 654 with three. So cook 5, uses less coal

  9. Yeah, but 3 you can do automatically by pressing the autofill button. With 5 you need to manually put 2 extra in.

  10. the autofill button usually automatically inserts the lowest grade ingredient for me. It would just be 3 lettuce.

  11. I drop all the vegetables on the ground except pumpkins.

  12. Your clan is very organized, the fact all of you attacked in less than an hour is insane.

  13. Lucy and Dr. Nowitzki together? From want show/movie is this?

  14. Omg really? It was the first present on the rocket pass, i already have the one from season 1 though ;-;

  15. I got purple Mantis so yeah, really. I also have the one from season 1.

  16. Throw all vegetables on the ground and do auto that it automatically picks 3 pumpkins.

  17. You need all colored version of an item to get the chromatic one.

  18. Will the body collection include the Whiplash?

  19. No, Five is from a show called "The Umbrella Academy". It's a great show!

  20. My only rare item is probably the alpha silver title, so I'm fine with it.

  21. Looks so good. Btw Is it true that they are us only? because i can't find them in eueope only by an import shop

  22. The normal should be all continents, but Europe way later (as usual), there is a Funko shop exclusive one. And there is one exclusive to hot topic, which is an American store.

  23. They're unlimited. I've only unlocked the bronze and gold so far.

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