1. Yeah, I'm not from the United States, so finding pops are pretty hard and shipping costs are insane.

  2. I am not from the US either, and yeah it can be quite difficult. It also changes over time. I personally have no Wednesday funko pop yet, but I have 16 others

  3. I have quite a few, mostly from avatar. I just order them online and hope they're in good condition or I'm not scammed.

  4. I made a new account and after 2 months I had the 5th builder. It's not that hard, just save your gems.

  5. Asia, Antarctica and Africa are the only ones starting with a. North America, South America and Oceania don't start with a.

  6. I'm upgrading canons and archer towers now, but the worst part is that I can't upgrade anything with elixer anymore.

  7. If I had to name all 197 countries, I don't think I could tbh. I can name all the flags.

  8. But you can name all of the countries if you can name all of the flags…?

  9. Not without the flags. If I had to name all 197 countries, I couldn't do it.

  10. Bruh, I'm literally almost maxed th13, only canons, archer towers and royal champion.

  11. Worst part is that there is way too little to upgrade with elixer.

  12. I jumped to the game when I saw this post, just to realize that it's th5-10 only 😢😢.

  13. I ain’t gonna lie this one isn’t as bad as some of the other ones recently

  14. Yeah, but they have literally nothing to do with the game.

  15. I joined after I watched the show, didn't want to be spoiled.

  16. I joined after I watched the show, didn't want to be spoilered.

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