1. A full genrush lobby is something that happens like once every 100 matches, decrease gen speeds and there's just gonna be more toolboxes and bnps every match

  2. might be a hot take but if it's used by a majority of players maybe it should just become base kit, like borrowed time was, it could be base kit in a way that it shows the auras for 5-10 seconds after a chase starts and then the perk if you take it could just make it permanent. do the same with dead hard jk please remove dead hard from the game

  3. I feel like new players should have that effect for the first 50 matches or something

  4. Does javelin create that much smoke? I think its probably something like UR-77

  5. What was the object that came from the horizon and towards the viewpoint over the camera? it leaves a wake behind it, that thing was rapid.

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