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  1. Heldig de som bor i Oslo og ikke har bil. Man er tydeligvis ulovlig rusa i hvertfall fem dager etter å røyka hasj, ifølge politiet. Var noen som mista lappen fordi han kjørte fem dager etter å ha røyka.

  2. Dette utsagnet er sant uavhengig av cannabis

  3. Some have Been waiting since 2016 ish when they heard the game was Being made

  4. They are getting ready for thankmas

  5. man you really find everything hytale related

  6. It's literally an interview about Hytale

  7. I totally misread your first comment lmao

  8. Should've mentioned Hytale

  9. Tell me you know nothing about game development without telling me you know nothing about game development

  10. It's because the community is just too good, and it's fun to interact with the devs, make fan art, Hytale models. And since the game isnt out yet it's fun to think how our discussions might affect development

  11. Yes, we're actually gathering in two weeks for the thanksmas stream

  12. From this definition it's actually clear that feature creep does not apply, it's not like they're delaying the game because of unnecessary features

  13. Even the moon landing deniers believe in the second, third, etc ones, right?

  14. I think a lot of them think the earth is flat so I'm not sure

  15. Flat earth is recent. The moon landing theory has been around since the 70s at least. Gotta imagine it has more of a following from just being around longer.

  16. I mean the flat earth theory has been around since pre-socratic philosophers but I see what you mean

  17. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jbC9r8X-EMw

  18. Når en klimaaktivist kan sette fyr på seg selv foran høyesteretten i statene og vi ikke får høre en pip om det i media skjønner jeg godt at de foretrekker å tilgrise materiell i stedet.

  19. I gotta say, I much preferred TBC scans' translation for this one. "Conjecture" and "Tantamount" are just exactly the kind of words I imagine Vegapunk would use.

  20. Terminology might have been better, but what Shaka says is more clear now.

  21. Yes, makes perfect sense that shueisha would use more accessible language

  22. Oh wow, that's such a cool trait! I see where you got your username from

  23. This part hit me hard when I watched it, excellent acting btw

  24. I think mob plushies might be a collectible, unless you can just craft them

  25. You did an amazing job and we hope that you are doing alright

  26. It would require a proficient AI dev to join the creator community, which is by no means a guarantee. I think there's potential to repurpose some existing 2D AI to assist with textures

  27. how tf am I a bot? because I'm ''shilling'' an unknown youtube channel? lmaoooo

  28. That's exactly what a bot would say

  29. Yeah but Hytale is going to be a shell opf what it could've been.

  30. I totally agree, it would have been much better if they didn't have access to essentially an endless stream of resources and expertise

  31. Lets all play it on repeat so we reach 60 at the end of the year

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