2. I hope I stop seeing you in these damn replies that’s what I’m needing

  3. all of you weirdos in the replies just look like straight up fucking losers whining about a women’s feet ON A VIDEO GAME, like wtf is going on with y’all?, this shit is just ridiculous at this point, to me I just don’t care at all that’s just how juri is, but if you want to bitch about it like a weirdo, go on ahead, ain’t gon change nothin for a video game

  4. I’m very interested in jukebox 2, y’all have any plans for that going on?, I would love to hear about the updates and the future of what that tech could bring

  5. “Loser” but you looked through your deleted comments noti just to copy the exact words like a weirdo and feel like you did something bro go outside man 😆

  6. NDA probably caught up to that guy and tried to calm the heat down by saying it’s his “story” yeah okay “new story coming (2) you soon” 🤣

  7. I thinks it’s gonna happen idc what everyone says, I need that game

  8. Nah, Jason, the most credible game industry insider has confirmed their next game is GTA 6.

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