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  1. Bad fuel boster pump is another thing that could be bad. Also the cheapest fix to try first.

  2. Nothing is wrong with his car. It's making normal GDI sounds.

  3. It's loud because smartphone cameras have "audio focus" technology that amplifies high-pitched sounds, and phone microphones filter out low-pitch tones. Everything sounds worse on a phone recording. But it's normal.

  4. It was blatantly obvious actually that they were being sarcastic.

  5. I'm not saying cancer exists because people created it. If you want to get down to the fundamental level, yes, God created cancer because God created the entire universe, so literally everything is made by Him. The reason we suffer is because we brought sin into the world because we were granted free will and screwed up. Our free will is the reason for creation being screwed. It is the reason God does not do something about it. We were given the choice and chose evil. Also, it less that he intervenes to stop the outcome of sin, and more just that he literally invented science, so he invented the ways to counteract some of the consequences of sin. Just because we sinned and messed up the world doesn't mean everything is miserable. There can still be good things and glimpses of what life SHOULD be like.

  6. So God vengefully teases us with glimpses of the good life, but won't actually act to relieve us of suffering He did upon us? IDK, man, that seems petty and neglectful. Or, like, he's totally cool with some amount of Sin because he gave us tools to counteract some of the consequences? What's the line? Why is there a line?

  7. Not only does the sensitivity get changed as far as removing the lag, but it also basically remaps the overall throttle position curve (idk what to call it). It can feel quicker, but the response time was what I noticed most.

  8. Yes, a sandwich plate is the best. Glowshift gauges suck, though. Something like Prosport EVO is a much better choice.

  9. I don't find this character particularly interesting. He's just an anime edge lord who broods in every scene. How do people find him engaging or interesting? He doesn't offer anything useful. He's incredibly one-dimensional.

  10. Please nutride the actor harder. I'm sure he cares very much about your valiant Reddit defense.

  11. And watching the blue chip-ish tech companies act astonished that consumer buying habits aren't gonna sustain once-in-50-years velocity from a once-in-100-years pandemic...

  12. Yes you can RMA it. Just remember once you get the card back to make sure that the cable is plugged in fully. NIVIDA has deemed it user damage but is still doing RMA's for it. The reason why they say it's user damage is because if you don't plug it in fully, what you saw ends up happening.

  13. "It's the user's fault, but we're totally gonna take a massive hit on our P&L for people returning flagship GPUs by the thousands. 😉"

  14. Nvidia is willing to honor Non Disclosure Agreements? I think you meant RMAs.

  15. Ur neighbor have to be old. I would just wait for u with a few of my homies and when u go to take it. By the time u finished ur dance u would be getting stomped out. U haven’t ran into the right one.

  16. Try not to cut yourself on that edge, small fry. You and your homies are nothing.

  17. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Need more details. I have the same body type as you on the left. So very curious about your routine the first 3-4 months!

  18. If you eat 1900 calories per day and walk an hour every day, you could lose 60+ pounds by the end of one year.

  19. You can rip the old one off and replace it with adhesive silver dynamat.

  20. My entire childhood, my dad chirped and chirped about how you shouldn’t believe everything you read on the internet, and how anybody can say anything but that doesn’t make it true.

  21. When I was young, my dad instilled in me a great love of science and a passion for being inquisitive about what I did not know. Now he thinks global warming is caused by the sun. Fox News and Drudge Report rotted his brain.

  22. This made me feel like a kid again. Hype going to 100000000000 as Goku figured out some new insane power level discovered via incredible suffering.

  23. Keep it full of oil. The 2.0 had a known manufacturing defect, but the 3.8 doesnt. They just have the oil pickup in a location where extended G maneuvers like drifting or donuts can make it suck in air. Some people make baffled pans themselves, not sure if there is an off the shelf one.

  24. 3p8p made one for a while, but unsure if they still do.

  25. lol. most "builds" these days are cosmetic crap and for the actual builds, people act like even knowing what wheels you used is a detriment to them. good luck finding a build list for anything cool these days. the gatekeeping is strong in the car community rn.

  26. Millennial here: same. If it's a phone call, it probably goes in the trash.

  27. There was a picture showing carrier pigeons in the cage on the back of a soldier.

  28. What do you mean "no indication"? It's clearly a Nazi WW2 helmet and Nazi WW2 coat lmfao this dumbass. Like... all I had to do was play Medal of Honor once. Or watch the History channel. Or read a book. Or watch a war movie. It's obvious as hell, bro.

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