1. My ol’ MG heart is warmed by these sounds.

  2. I’ve been pining for a AK-103 from them, but crying in WA now.

  3. I have one and it’s my best AK. It’s a little gassy but shoots like butter. Paired with my sandman and some brown bear subs, chefs kiss.

  4. Young ass paratroopers out there need to listen the fk up. “Trust me with your life, never your money or your wife.” Write that shit down. Live by it.

  5. My Lada did this often when I was in Europe.

  6. I haven’t been that high in quite some time.

  7. My whole family has a text chain dedicated to collective nouns of animals. It’s my favorite thing ever.

  8. Best gambling advice Dad gave me was to always bet against the browns.

  9. These fascist pigs will continue to do this until they no longer hold office. Vote his August. Vote this November. Vote them all out. Or, we take our capital back.

  10. With how strong and advanced optics are today it's damn near useless to have backup irons. I've had more iron sights fail me than optics at this point

  11. Agreed. Not one of my rifles have irons. Etched optics and LPVO are too good now. I’ve beaten the daylights out of those sights for years.

  12. I would run a offset dot on a medium range scope but that's about it and within "iron range" you can point to shoot well enough if you train.

  13. I really believe that at least half of these morons are paid to do this stuff.

  14. This guy thinks Ohio politicians represent the people! Hahahahahahhalolll…. Soft weeping….

  15. I traveled this weekend and they were out in force. Unusual.

  16. A long time ago, at my first dining in, that table meant nothing to me. Today, this silly parking spot means a lot to me.

  17. Do y’all want a safety brief? ‘Cuz this is how y’all get a safety brief.

  18. Simple answer, because they vote. No elderly people are going to volunteer to give up their freedom to move themselves about.

  19. And they’re doing it on a gerrymandered AF map.

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