1. well that would be easy since I don't eat popsicles! :)

  2. Oh god the || I can fix you really got me triggered ||

  3. I see the mods here are being based as always

  4. Every eleven year olds’ equivalent of Jesus Christ

  5. I’m in 8th grade and every single kid here is talking about him. Can you send me a link of who he is?

  6. I just saw a post of a balloon on the sidewalk are you talking about that?

  7. Wait, there are people who seriously think he’s a robin?!

  8. Literally and figuratively. Wonder if they give a little sizzle when they go in.

  9. Well good news is odalia. Not as many people hate you

  10. You live in 563 street ave, North Carolina,united states?

  11. Ok because that is where I live. I’m not joking

  12. Hey odalia what was your reaction to belos not possessing you?

  13. Also amity and Luz has still known each other for around a year now idk. Hunter had just met people outside of the castle four months ago

  14. It hasn’t been a year, she went to the boiling isles durning the summer and when she came back it was October so that’s around 5 months

  15. That makes no sense. The thing at the beginning of season 3 was around 3 months right? There is no way luz was only in the isles for 2 months

  16. Maybe he could also be using the glyphs to have a longer life, but since it would have a passive effect, the glyphs would be using a little bit of magic all the time, and when the magic is starting to run out his body would start to decay

  17. I think the collector is why he has such a prolonged life

  18. In King's Tide, when he uses magic you can see the glyphs on his arms glowing 👍

  19. And in elsewhere and else when when the big reveal of Philip being belos you can see a bunch of glyphs on his arm

  20. They’re a house of 3 girls, the culprit has been identified and I have been informed. She just moved in a few weeks ago and had a new boyfriend visit at the weekend

  21. Still a blank image, though.

  22. Rule 4 of this subreddit "No Blank Images"

  23. Because I only see joke replies in this comment thread I’ll give a serious answer: it’s a multi warning for stick welding galvanized steel/toxic metal. Don’t put you hand near the arc, don’t breathe it in/wear a respirator. Source: I’m a welder

  24. well actually in real life tranquilizers don't work as immediately as they do in media

  25. Basically, most poisons (including tranquilizers) take time to act. So it takes a couple minutes for the tranq dart to actually knock someone out.

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