1. Gonna need the most wild fender roll of all time. Looks sick man

  2. Cuz it’s fucking exciting and yeah to see how it’s going to fit somewhat

  3. Ye get new wheels , maybe more flush with the fenders but the camber is fine i think

  4. Actually I'm in 15x7 et10 and I want wheels in 15x9 et-13 so I must have camber to fit. About 15Β°.

  5. 15Β° degrees of camber? Sorry I'm just a kid , don't exactly know specs . Do you mean 15 degrees of camber ? That seems excessive

  6. One of my dream cars especially in red or Aztec green , clean btw

  7. Thanks ! And it's an affordable dream.

  8. Thanks ! No these are Drag Wheels DR46.

  9. Is this a K swapped EP2 or a re-painted EP3?

  10. Oh, cool. We didn't get vivid blue as an option for EP3 type R's here in the UK. Vivid blue for us was only available on EP2 Sport models.

  11. Same in France. The car is from Switzerland.

  12. Gorgeous! Can I get those wheel specs? I'd love to do serving similar with my 98 sedan

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