1. But the only time we hear it typically are when talking to people who use the word with a derogatory intent or to use it as an insult. Not a single "cis" person I know has ever self labeled themselves with it because we frankly don't fucking care about that shit and don't think it's necessary. We're the default and y'all are the ones who need words to describe that you're not like us in our eyes.

  2. No one can insult you with cis because it has never been an insult

  3. You can use any word as an insult. Literally any word

  4. ‘One trans’ majority of these shootings are done by the delusional gender dysphoria mentally ill liberals. Nobody cares to treat their mental illness like a mental illness but they encourage it with pride and all that bs leading to some people becoming absolute psychopaths, and big pharma and psychologist Earning huge sums of money in that. How about you get your tiny bean of a brain in order liberal. You alphabet community isnt an vulnerable community its a crime committing insane psychopathic community

  5. This is the best and most fun tank Ive ever played in my life

  6. There is a difference between trans women and men in dresses

  7. I used to be one of them. Now I took it to the next level lol

  8. Nie ma w tym kraju takiej partii, którą bym w 100% popierała

  9. No, I’m not comfortable dating someone that was once a man

  10. Trans women have never been men, more like pretending to be them. From my perspective, it's like playing a role as an actress.

  11. Both me and my partner are trans. Kinda difficult with the dysphoric thoughts, but we love each other and going through it together

  12. “Sorry, your bone is too misplaced for us to fix it”

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