1. My handyman weirdly recommended toilet bowl cleaner. He said old pipes spilled a lot of rust into toilets so cleaners are meant for that. Or something along those lines... Anyway, it somewhat worked for me. Not all the way, but enough to make it not easily noticeable.

  2. It's called CLR. Calcium, Lime, Rust, removes it all!

  3. A big part of a dog's discomfort with the tub is the inability to grip on the surface of the tub. If you put a towel down in the bottom of your bathtub, it will help a bit. Your dog will be just a little more comfortable, and not moving around so much.

  4. His speech after losing the election… wow! I did not vote for him that year, but I may have voted for him in the future. He fascinated me as time went on. He became someone that was impossible for me to not respect. In hindsight a lot of his unpopular answers were the truth that no one wanted to hear. He was deserving of the presidency.

  5. He was a POW in Vietnam, who had the opportunity to go home a terrible prison camp, but stayed voluntarily because he didn't want to leave his men.

  6. We are watching history repeat itself as Ukraine fights for their independence against a much larger and better trained/equipped military. President Zelensky is living through a George Washington moment and will likely be remembered in a similar regard for centuries to come. This time, it’s America providing support, with medical supplies, ammunition, and equipment much like the French supported the USA during our Revolutionary war.

  7. Budd Dwyer. He was due for retirement and arraigned on corruption charges. If he didn't kill himself, his wife wouldn't have got his pension.

  8. It's important to note he was found innocent of all charges afterwards.

  9. Rubbermaid Commercial makes a Swiffer like product that comes with washable microfiber clearers rather than disposable. Just throw them in the wash you never gotta get new ones. At least not often.

  10. The true madmen were the tunnelers - digging narrow tunnels under a soggy no man's land, to appear in the enemy trenches trough a wall and wreak bloody havoc. They were mainly to help when 'our boys' (whichever side you were on) went over the top - soften the enemy lines and minimise the machine gun fire coming at your allies.

  11. That's what Tommy from the show Peaky Blinders was. It has a great scene of what you are describing actually happening.

  12. I keep getting recommended that. I really need to make the time

  13. Really great show. Really shows how fucked up everybody was from the war. It's on Netflix.

  14. It's a really good show, just got some weird fans. It's based just after WWI, basically all these guys are fucked up from the war, not to mention they're trained killers now, and form their British gang - The Peaky Blinders.

  15. I don’t want to sound weird or judgmental man. But I clicked on your bio. You’re a licensed electrician, an Oregon State grad and a former D1 athlete. You could do a hell of a lot better than sleeping in strange offices an eating 7/11 pizza.

  16. Everyone is fighting a struggle you don't see.

  17. Someone once told me this when I was young, and it's stuck with me: you are a carbon copy of the 5 people you hang out with the most. I know it's scary to be alone, but you gotta take steps to find new friends. It's not like you gotta cut them all off at once, although that is an option too. You gotta find find new people to hang out with, and gradually take steps to make those people your new friends.

  18. I got a few bonsai trees which I love but bonsai is a pretty niche hobby that I wouldn’t expect to see in a starter pack.

  19. How does one go about starting that? Do I just find a sapling somewhere and dig it up? Are there kits I can buy?

  20. Your dog is so cute. He looks a lot like mine, but mines brown where your dog is black/grey.

  21. Ahhh I see. Ok I'm gonna check that out now. Thank you so much!

  22. Yeah, I (unfortunately) worked on the software side of a debt collection agency and it’s the scummiest business I’ve ever been a part of so get everything in writing.

  23. If I call them and make them that offer, will the 7 year clock restart though?

  24. OP only posts Voltagea.com articles. All those articles seem to be written by a bot / ai. Dudes just pimping his articles at us for that ad revenue. Might just be a bot himself. This sub is turning to crap, I'm unsubscribing.

  25. I think of this as the "Lost" effect. Characters simply will not questions important things, because the plot is being made up on the fly, and the more they explain, the more the writers would have to hold a consistent storyline. This usually leads to mysteries being explained with just more mystery.

  26. Karma (at least in Hinduism and Buddhism) is believed to be balanced over many, many life times.

  27. I’m so sorry that happened to you. I don’t have an extra sleeping bag but one of the churches near that area may have supplies for you. That is a very bad area, a former pt patient of mine was mugged and beaten in the lot of that same laundromat last year. Police witnessed the incident and didn’t intervene or assist him afterwards, he was beaten so severely he needed back surgeries, and will never be the same even with intensive rehab.

  28. It may have been the same guys. And I appreciate that. The sun will shine on my shoulders again, one day.

  29. I’m so sorry, I’m currently without a car and too far away to get to you. Do you mind me asking where your new job (not the company)is located? As stated above, get out of that neighborhood. I had a bad situation there when I got a flat tire one night, ugh. Do you have a friend or relative you can stay with tonight? You’ve been through physical and emotional trauma, a hot shower and not sleeping on the ground are in order.

  30. I really appreciate that. I'm actually at planet fitness now, letting my phone charge and about to get into a nice hot shower now. As far as sleeping on the ground, right now I actually have a pretty nice covered tent-hammock. It's not the same as a bed, but I make it work. I start work tomorrow, it won't be long until I'm back on my feet again.

  31. I'm sorry that happened to you. Just know, people like that are cursed. They can never have a real friend.

  32. Try rubbing alcohol. If that doesn't work, acetone (nail polish remover is the same thing). Good luck.

  33. Nothing? That's not a very constructive answer. As I write this out I'm sleeping in a tent-hammock. I just became homeless. Its crazy cause I was actually in this position like 4 days ago. That was my first day homeless and I had 550 bucks. I bought this tent hammock, a nice sleeping bag, sleeping pad, a hiking backpack, other camping gear I don't feel like writing out here but you can see my posts on

  34. 25 dollars a month to go to any planet fitness in the country. Most are open 24/7. You can exercise, use the shower facilities, and and that also includes free tanning, if that's your thing.

  35. Theres tons of nice woodz where you won’t be bothered between Baltimore City and bwi. You can take the train out there. In fact right around the bwi Amtrak station there’s lotz of nice woods. Look around on google maps for desirable spots

  36. Thanks for the tip. The marc train or the light rail?

  37. I grew up in Baltimore, was homeless a few times (prepped and no) and I wouldn't deign to stay anywhere within the city limits. It's far too saturated and dangerous. Maybe the northern neighborhoods.

  38. I got LEDs lights too. 2 flashlights and a small flood light. I bought the hurricane lamp mainly as a cheap heat source. And yeah I'm gonna upgrade the bag or or get more blankets. Proper sleeping pad is also on the list. Im gonna dm you about the hidey spots.

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