Vietnam Vet talks about how it really was over there

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  1. I’m so sorry that happened to you. I don’t have an extra sleeping bag but one of the churches near that area may have supplies for you. That is a very bad area, a former pt patient of mine was mugged and beaten in the lot of that same laundromat last year. Police witnessed the incident and didn’t intervene or assist him afterwards, he was beaten so severely he needed back surgeries, and will never be the same even with intensive rehab.

  2. It may have been the same guys. And I appreciate that. The sun will shine on my shoulders again, one day.

  3. I’m so sorry, I’m currently without a car and too far away to get to you. Do you mind me asking where your new job (not the company)is located? As stated above, get out of that neighborhood. I had a bad situation there when I got a flat tire one night, ugh. Do you have a friend or relative you can stay with tonight? You’ve been through physical and emotional trauma, a hot shower and not sleeping on the ground are in order.

  4. I really appreciate that. I'm actually at planet fitness now, letting my phone charge and about to get into a nice hot shower now. As far as sleeping on the ground, right now I actually have a pretty nice covered tent-hammock. It's not the same as a bed, but I make it work. I start work tomorrow, it won't be long until I'm back on my feet again.

  5. I'm sorry that happened to you. Just know, people like that are cursed. They can never have a real friend.

  6. Try rubbing alcohol. If that doesn't work, acetone (nail polish remover is the same thing). Good luck.

  7. Nothing? That's not a very constructive answer. As I write this out I'm sleeping in a tent-hammock. I just became homeless. Its crazy cause I was actually in this position like 4 days ago. That was my first day homeless and I had 550 bucks. I bought this tent hammock, a nice sleeping bag, sleeping pad, a hiking backpack, other camping gear I don't feel like writing out here but you can see my posts on

  8. I'm just starting out being homeless too. I was lucky enough to get some side jobs, enough to get some camping gear until I get back on my feet. Keep your head up, find a job, any job, apply for food stamps. Sending you positive energy.

  9. 25 dollars a month to go to any planet fitness in the country. Most are open 24/7. You can exercise, use the shower facilities, and and that also includes free tanning, if that's your thing.

  10. Theres tons of nice woodz where you won’t be bothered between Baltimore City and bwi. You can take the train out there. In fact right around the bwi Amtrak station there’s lotz of nice woods. Look around on google maps for desirable spots

  11. Thanks for the tip. The marc train or the light rail?

  12. I grew up in Baltimore, was homeless a few times (prepped and no) and I wouldn't deign to stay anywhere within the city limits. It's far too saturated and dangerous. Maybe the northern neighborhoods.

  13. I got LEDs lights too. 2 flashlights and a small flood light. I bought the hurricane lamp mainly as a cheap heat source. And yeah I'm gonna upgrade the bag or or get more blankets. Proper sleeping pad is also on the list. Im gonna dm you about the hidey spots.

  14. UTI is a good school if you can afford it.

  15. That's my grandmother's dishes patterns! She's had them for my entire 32+ years.

  16. I knew a lad who ate 4 dozen eggs every morning.

  17. Why though? I understand this mentality for typical criminals, people who were never given a chance to succeed, and so they had to resort to crime, but they did it in a honorable way by protecting their accomplices from further scrutiny.

  18. Maybe they were her friends, and decided to do her time rather than put the blame on someone else.

  19. When I was a kid I was caught in a flash flood with my dad jeeping in Utah. It’s a long story but he had to leave me to go get help. At the time I hated eating chilli; all we had were mountain house chilli mac and cans of chilli. I eat the MH first and then I’m looking at these cans at age 12, “how am I going to open these?” I scrounged through everything and ultimately found this bad boy in the glove box of the Jeep. I had never seen one but it was immediately apparent what it did.

  20. How long did it take for your dad to come back?

  21. The spark is precious. You're taking the right steps, keep going. Occasionally I have projects I need help with but nothing right now.

  22. Yeah, I have cash app, I'm looking into getting Venmo now. I have been offered a short term job over the next few days doing drywall and flood repairs, from there who knows? If you have any projects, yeah, just let me know. I'm really touched by all the advice and job offers everyone's been offering me. Someone else even offered to let me stay with them for a bit! Y'all are about to make me cry lol.

  23. Yes, I was (and still) offering. I was out of my home once due to a fire - red cross showed up and gave us some money. I remember that feeling.

  24. Ok top_sprinkles682, I suppose pride goes before the fall. My cash app is $nextlevel411 if you want to bless me. Thank you guys so much Im so blessed. On my way now to start some drywall work with kl00 now. You all have a great day!

  25. What's the difference between a pickpocket and a peeping tom?

  26. Fun fact if you put a million spiders in a room eventually there would only be one. And that would be the smartest of all of the spiders and the most ferocious and they call it the jumping spider. Has to eat every three days or it starves and it will lay out a plan of attack depending on what type of spider it is hunting and it will doggedly hunt its prey for hours. It will even pluck the strings of a spider's web to make it come to him and his two favorite spiders to eat are brown recluse and black widow.

  27. I just got out of prison, this reminds me of a phenomenon I noticed while I was I there. When I first got there, my bed was by the phone, so I couldn't help but to hear people's conversations. A lot of guys are emotionally abusive to their families/significant others. This one guy I would always say "I love you bitch now say it back bitch, what you don't love me now?" really aggressive like. A lot of guys liked to accuse their spouses of cheating on them, I think just to hear, "of course not, I only love you baby" type shit back. But anyway, Id hear "SAY I LOVE YOU" a lot on the phone.

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