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  1. Ah well, fixed my own problem. Seemed to be an incompatibility issue between NordicUI and Less Intrusive HUD. Makes sense that my only two HUD altering mods were fighting!

  2. Have you checked you hot key settings for HDU in the Mod menu? I think the default is "x", I accidentally turn mine off all the time.

  3. Yep, checked that, definitely does nothing unfortunately. Less Intrusive HUD doesn't have a hide option anyway, so it's not that. I just installed iHUD momentarily to see if that would let me toggle it off and on, but nope.

  4. Hmm, I don't think so. The XC35 is so small and lightweight, I would not want to miss this. Both have great image quality and even the XF18-55 is quite compact. I never tried the xf16-55 though.

  5. I’ll keep you in the loop depending on what I get. My Birthday is coming around 07/05! 🎉

  6. 😂 Thank you very much, I’m having a chill morning today. I’m settled that I would want to get the 70-300, although a new laptop has also been tempting me now!

  7. This is incredible, the green you used in the waves is really enchanting. Did you use a reference photo that you took yourself? If so, I’d love to see it! :)

  8. Thank you for the lovely comment. Yes I took the reference last September (

  9. Wow, the reference is fantastic too, lovely photo. Amazing work!

  10. Got this photo for Christmas myself. Well, I say Christmas but I got it a month early because the anticipation was killing me. Needless to say its an absolute beautiful lens in every regard. Happy shooting! :)

  11. My mum took the test and came out as ENFJ. No wonder I have so many disagreements with her :/

  12. What an absolutely incredible photo, I’m actually awestruck

  13. When lowering your shutter speed you also need to consider the subject movement (e.g leaves in the wind). That doesn’t seem to be the issue here but worth considering.

  14. Once I've zoomed to where I need it, I don't really touch it. I'm using AF+MF, so it could've been that I accidentally moved the front ring, although I think I would've noticed the focus peaking. I hope, anyway!

  15. I think you're expecting a little too much for a cheap zoom. Those photos look fine and I think you're looking too closely. The 18-55 2.8-4 might be worth investigating. It's $300 used and has ois for your night stuff. Also 2.8 for wide open. Tbh if you're not printing this stuff large format no one can notice anyway. Only you are looking at 100% crops in LR.

  16. I was considering getting the 35mm f2, although it doesn't have OIS. Do you reckon it's important that I stick with lenses that have OIS if I want to do my night photography? I'll check out some reviews on the 18-55 though, for sure.

  17. I might be a bit of an egg, I'm really not too sure

  18. my advice is don't worry too much about labels and stuff like that, just be yourself and look and act how you feel most comfortable.

  19. I'll try my best! Lots of things for me to take into consideration about myself :)

  20. See this crack head all the time, love this. Saw him the other day with his shoes in his hands and he was walking around barefoot.

  21. Where you refused to give into death I just let go, became completely paralyzed and I met an entity(not in human or animal form, it was an aura of energy and a voice that sounded so familiar yet I have no idea who’s voice it was) who asked me what I was but in a way that made me realize I don’t know, and now that is the one question I want to learn, and I know I will never find the answer but with every trip, interesting article, coincidence... it feels like I’m getting closer

  22. Next time I trip that hard I'm gonna be prepared for it 🤞, got to let myself go and take a deep dive!

  23. doesn't sound like ego death sounds like you were tripping balls and just got scared of dying. what amazes me is you were able to talk to yourself looking in the mirror and not freak out. all in all thats why you take a single tab off each batch to see the dosage but it sounds like it was a good trip overall.

  24. Interesting, I think the weed mixed in with it, including the entirely new experience of that dosage made my heartrate feel worryingly fast at the time. I think that probably made me a little anxious at the time and that built up. Looking in the mirror felt pretty natural, almost therapeutic. Yet after I'd settled down a little it became scary to look in the mirror. Even on a dose of 4 grams of mushrooms I've never had an issue with it.

  25. Not sure, think maybe due to the drying process? Or maybe they're just not Albinos.

  26. Whatever they are, they're kicking in now. Have a good night :)

  27. We shared a blunt earlier in the day and then he ate this. Dude was zooming later on though :eyes:

  28. 1g is pretty light if you have much tolerance. It's definitely not an exact science, i'm a semi heavy vaper I guess. Go through maybe 5g a week now, as the vape is so efficient, and I need to eat about an 8th of avb to get nice and comfy!

  29. Oh, thanks for the advice dude. I just ate a slice of peanut butter on toast with about 2g or so on, still seeing my tolerance.

  30. Remember it depends what you vaped, too. Mids gonna take a lot more to get you there, obvs.

  31. Yeah, trouble is last time I didn't feel like I put any more than 2g on it and ended up being high as fuck. I'm pretty sure I had a little to drink so it could have been that probably.

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