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  1. I don’t think this belongs in MICRO growery lol

  2. Incorrect it’s not plug or weed dealer it’s certified florist

  3. Actually I have the best ak 47 just harvested a few ounces off my autos lol

  4. Jamaica sitting on the couch casually ripping the bong while Afghanistan is in the kitchen hotknifing some hash

  5. Hey bro, that’s offensive to us retards. We smoke hash even!

  6. lol i love the bong grow but if you want good weed that’s not the best idea the more room your roots have the more colas you will get

  7. You would throw up and be high for about a week. It would not be pleasant at all.

  8. That and also probably put yourself in a psychosis

  9. Yea but glass won’t burn you’ll have ash from the flower and the little chunk of glass in the ash you could still smoke it

  10. Are those foxtails lol they look super cool

  11. Yup a fellow redditor let me know that is what it's called when it looks like that! :)

  12. I grow my own and I got one single bud that ended up like this the rest were normal

  13. Dont sell yourself short now, it still needs a couple weeks for sure.

  14. I don’t think it does personally I would harvest right now or within a few days I’ve found the trichs will turn slightly more amber while drying and curing

  15. Drop 10, boof 10. Keep your universe in harmonious balance🙏🏼

  16. No that’s not what you do you germinate one then you boof plant it and lay on your stomach all year while the weed plant grows out of your ass

  17. If you wanna smoke roaches for a reserve stash, put em out a lil bit longer so you're not smoking as much ash

  18. I always use scissors to cut off ash then I save up like a gram of roach weed and take it in a fat bong hoot that makes me cough so hard I almost passed out

  19. Wait ur asking how high I am rn not when I took the roach rip lol I just realized that about a 7/10 on the stoned scale atm

  20. It is impossible to be physically addicted to marijuana. You may be habitually addicted but you're not going to go through DT's. Just learn some techniques on increasing your self control and do what works best for you.

  21. I wouldn’t say impossible to be physically addicted you just need to smoke extremely excessive amounts of weed for a long time everyday my girlfriend who’s been smoking like 10 grams a day since I met her tried to cut back to 5g and she had a migraine and started throwing up by 1:00pm

  22. It’s like hiding a joint for your future self but times a thousand

  23. This is a very good way to describe growing weed I might start thinking of my plants this way

  24. I kept trying to swipe sideways until I realized the dots were part of the screenshot it took an embarrassingly long time to realize it was just one picture and not multiple I could swipe thru

  25. I don’t smoke concentrates only flower so I can’t give an experienced opinion but it looks like it’d be good for ppl who like concentrates

  26. Translation: “I’m uninformed on the subject but I’m self righteous and going to impose my questionable opinion anyhow regardless of potential outcome”

  27. I’m just saying it looks like what my friends who smoke concentrates like I just don’t smoke it myself so I can’t rlly tell if it’s good

  28. can you record yourself eating it? scientific reasons.

  29. Shouldn’t matter how much it costs why spend so much money on a fucking ring that’s so small it’s very hard to see when you could save that money to pay for the marriage or maybe a house or something useful and not a piece of metal with some compressed carbon lol

  30. I’m thinking an ounce if you’ve been using good fertilizer and the buds pack on a lot of weight maybe two oz but I’m thinking more like 1oz 1.5oz still a decent harvest for first time and also god dam those plants look healthy you probably won’t get a lot of weed but if you keep them as healthy as they are rn you’ll have some pretty good marry jew wanna

  31. I watch these askreddits on YouTube a lot this is the first time I’ve seen one like this on Reddit tho and not youtube

  32. Who cares how big the plant got is the bud good even if it’s not just try again and figure out what went wrong last time it took me almost 20 plants to get one past seedling stage now I got almost a pound harvest from that single plant and I started breeding in new genetics with a little reasearch you’ll find it’s pretty easy to grow bomb weed ya just need to know what your doing and trial and error doesn’t matter how much reasearch you do you’ll always learn more from growing even if you accidentally kill the plant and get no harvest you just pin point what went wrong and figure out how to avoid it with the next grow

  33. I’m not sure about harvest time but I’ve got a photoperiod sativa that is this far into flower and it seems like it shouldn’t be this far into flower so early it’s an outdoor so I wouldn’t think the buds should be so big until maybe September

  34. Not sure if this post is serious or not but if it is try using a bong I find that amount in a bong will hit better than any other way of smoking use a big bong take it all in one breath and inhale into ur lungs so deep you feel like your gonna die from coughing I do that when I’m running low and need to use less

  35. Ha! Reminds me of the post I saw a couple days ago where someone called some fire looking bud mid so im not surprised the standards here are all over the place 😂

  36. Yep I’ve seen shit that looked 1000 times better than shit I can get (Canadian legal market so I get fire bud) and they were calling it low grade/mids

  37. In this sub if it’s not top shelf then they’ll shit on it

  38. Even if it is top shelf they’ll find a way to shit on you be it your nails after you just worked in the garden or maybe the weed looks like it used pgrs and don’t even think about posting purple weed on here because everyone feels the need to inform you that just because it’s purple doesn’t mean it’s better did I fucking say it was better I just said it was beautiful like fuck ppl on here just don’t like when others have nice things

  39. I used to always keep strains separate but I did this after seeing this post lol

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