1. Similar to the other comment - how to beat Triple Deluxe's true arena 😭

  2. Paula is just a cookie cutter damsel in distress imho

  3. When you get a strike in bowling:

  4. Good job replicating the artstyle!

  5. I think you might have forgotten someone

  6. Oh goopy! He would be in S tier

  7. Heart ring is the best, whetstone is the worst

  8. I can't belive they killed hammer

  9. Reflecting projectiles is a cool gimmick, so get Yo-Yo out I guess

  10. System because Nintendo Entertainment System

  11. I only understood "Two girls, one cup", "The Coconut TIFU", "Blue Waffle" and "Lemon Party".

  12. I'd say you're more innocent if anything.

  13. That’s not innocence. That’s literally just not knowing about weird not commonly talked about shit. It’s not like people are always talking about some of this weird shit. I don’t know all of these things but I wouldn’t call that innocence.

  14. I mean that most of the things on here are f*cked up and you would be better off not knowing them

  15. God damn if the smash bros one gets all the way to first place i'mma be cryin'

  16. King Dice was pretty good, but I wanted to punch Chalice in the face everytime I saw her on screen.

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