1. My personal theory is that Gman's "employers" are like, 4th dimensional beings who look over and spectate everything, and they use the Gman to hire people so they can influence the world in a way they want it to play out, kinda like there playing 4d chess

  2. "for your Christmas present, I give the gift of not being on fire!"

  3. Huh, I put something similar on my Christmas Sweater Medi-Gun

  4. I used mine on a Medi-Gun. So, I guess I'd recommend it on that

  5. Osmosian, but I do like what they did with him in the reboot

  6. He's significantly more red than before, and has a sick mohawk

  7. I unironically love Surge. He's just so ridiculously useless in a fight by himself, but is utterly perfect in every other way

  8. That's the not the Heavy Update, silly! That A Heavy update!

  9. That’s the reason why I don’t like the slicer. It’s just a cheap jumpscare that you can’t do anything to prevent if you decide to unleash her.

  10. then just, don't release her

  11. I don't see why we would'nt continue to get seasonal updates, you see how much money it makes them? I don't 61GB of leaked content they weren't even using is going to stop them

  12. Widowmaker used to be a revolver and there's a cut community made medic saw

  13. There's more than that (And also, the Revolver is completely different, it was just a different shotgun)

  14. See, that's the thing, you can't

  15. Seems like a DECA kinda guy tbh, he could sell anything

  16. My god, the Engineer DID have a revolver!

  17. How? It hasn't even been a day!

  18. Maybe it was originally for Scream Fortress?

  19. Maybe some sort of cut Mad Milk Balloon weapon? Reskin perhaps?

  20. Why are they teaching you this during church? This seems like something you would learn in Marketing Class

  21. I believe if I remember correctly it was about how God should be the one influencing your life and not other but idk

  22. I saw this and I immediately thought of Kindergarden

  23. Alabama, remove inbreeding from this country

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