1. Then you should shut those loud ones' mouths.

  2. I mean yeah he’s an idiot but the transaction went over smoothly.

  3. Looks like the Rancor from Return of the Jedi.

  4. I feel like a rugpull is coming tomorrow.

  5. I have used GetDataBack many times, it is not the fastest but it does a great job and is out there if you look for it.

  6. Thanks for the reply. I’ll do some digging when I get off work!

  7. A billion dollars in revenue doesn’t equate to billion dollar company. They’ve got significant expenses. I’m sure they’ve made millions in profit, but to say they are a billion dollar company is grossly mistaken. They’ve got to pay marketing, actors, set design, location, directors, staff, insurance, travelling costs, accommodations, wicked licence fees, costumes and so much more.

  8. You’re missing the point. They make billions. They can afford to pay a few thousand.

  9. Obviously they shouldn’t be offering tickets for art. They should pay for it. But once again they do not make billions. They’ve made a billion in revenue but not a billion in profit. Maybe the company that owns the licence for the play has made billions but the broadway production has made about 1.3b+ in revenue over a 20 year span. Which does not equate anywhere near billions in profit.

  10. Holy crap Batman how are you able to dodge the main point so easily? Let me humor you. Let’s say that make 500 million yearly, that’s still an absolute butt ton of money. How much do you think they spend on marketing? If I had to guess, it’s still a pretty large number. My point? They can pay an independent artist AT LEAST somewhere in the thousands. It’s theatre. They make art, therefore should know what art is worth.

  11. It’s normal. This is how these chargers are supposed to work.

  12. I mean, you’re the one feeding the cat! Time for a diet little buddy.

  13. Software update. Update did not go as planned. They do this purposefully when updating software to choose certain stocks to do it so if it goes badly, like this morning, it only affects a handful of stocks versus the entire market

  14. Looks like they tore them off an actual steam deck. Kinda sick for the ads.

  15. Wouldn’t happen to be a razer blade 15, would it?take off the back panel and remove that battery. You won’t have to discard the laptop if there’s no internal damage. Replacement batteries aren’t terribly expensive and the consumer can easily do the replacement.

  16. So do something about it. Put your money where your mouth is

  17. Chick fila sauce, or a frosty. Not sure which one.

  18. The cat : I don’t trust you human, you could poison me

  19. The thing is, my cat will eat anything. Maybe he’s the odd one out.

  20. Right but if it were an M1 it would be a steal even with the cracked screen right

  21. Thought this before I saw your comment.

  22. If you enjoy writing essays and hate math, Python is for you. That’s why I love it.

  23. I’m at 7k I don’t need it, but I have never seen the deal before.

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