1. I think they brought this up on the podcast that it was sort of an accident in the writers room or a tangential argument and decided to make it a part of him

  2. Can you report them for obstruction of a handicap spot? Pretty hefty fine maybe they won’t be able to afford any more stickers

  3. I lived on the corner of 17th and summit(north side) and saw a couple DUI’s a month from people turning right onto summit from 17th.

  4. East auto service on olentangy river rd. By the roosters. I had my car sideswiped and just wanted the mirror replaced. He had me just order the mirror(which was like 50 dollars iirc)and installed it for 45 bucks

  5. I used to be a 68-71 but just moved to a place that had great shade so now im a 71-74

  6. White at RB is interesting if we want to start Saliba and Gabriel at CB. (If Tomi is hurt that is)

  7. They tried to get my Kia Niro Hybrid. The trick doesn’t work with hybrids so they busted my window and steering column for no reason. Now I’m just out my deductible.

  8. Frank paid for all of them to go see the eagles win the Super Bowl, first a party bus then a plane and they had club seats. Good guy

  9. Top 4 are more-or-less spoken for (Jokic, Embiid, KAT, Gobert), so you'd have to put JA over Bam, Ayton, and Vucevic for him to be at 5. Yeah, I'm good with that.

  10. Ja’s athleticism can hide his faults on D and he can still get better there. He can also still become a better shooter.

  11. Wife and I both got Covid at 38 weeks. Luckily I had way worse symptoms than her. Like everyone else said fever is what to worry about.

  12. OP is trying to sell us on how good Mitchell is while asking for 5 1st rounders.

  13. Here’s a great article on the pitfalls and scam that travel ball has become

  14. We can’t have Wiggins and Garland on the same roster due to the type of extension they have now that Darius got his bag

  15. Idk if this one is but they get most of their cookies from Grady’s Goodies

  16. Strange Wilderness. Same team that made grandmas boy about a wildlife tv show crew trying to save it by finding bigfoot. All the happy madison guys, sans Adam Sandler. Plus Steve Zahn, Jonah Hill, and Justin long

  17. I can’t find the stats off hand but I think this is the first draft where he was actually older than half the prospects drafted. So hopefully he can make a leap this year. Either way he’s still an effective nba player, just won’t ever live up to the 5th pick

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