1. I run Windows of Opportunity, Adrenaline, Deja Vu, and Leader. (I switch out the last perk often to mix things up.)

  2. Yeah, I mean this game has made me super cynical towards other players.

  3. Legion's Frenzy puts you into the Deep Wound status effect, which also happens to be the same status effect that Dead Hard puts you into if the killer hits you while it's active. Since you can't have two deep wound status effects at once, they cancel each other out and it makes Dead Hard ineffective.

  4. It was endgame lol but I really don't care that much anyways

  5. Best DbD content creator :2066::2066:

  6. No? It's literally just adapting your strategy so you can win the game. It's a player vs. player game. You can't make everyone happy.

  7. How did it take over 3 years for the developers to "nerf" Dead Hard but it was only a matter of months until Eruption was nerfed?

  8. It's not us vs. them dude. I'm not criticizing survivor players, I'm criticizing the developers for not being able to balance the game correctly. You have to know the difference.

  9. It’s funny to me mfrs are still complaining about this. Skill issue

  10. Sure bro. Because it's totally my fault when I have to either hit a DH or get hit with a pallet because I'm forced into a lose-lose situation which I can't counter.

  11. I literally thought this the first time I saw the skin. Especially with the pipe as the weapon.

  12. Nightmare has the coolest monster design IMO

  13. I was having the same issue. I'd aim the flashlight at the killer's face sometimes and it would make the burning noise but never blind them. They didn't have lightborne, by the way. Other times I'd aim at their face and they would get blinded. Really weird.

  14. Freddy makes pretty much every map look better.

  15. The old aesthetic of the game was far superior than what we have now. The darkness was better, the fog was thicker and more natural looking, and everything honestly looked better imo. I’ve never seen a game update to a better engine but take a nose dive in art direction.

  16. It's a combination of the God-awful atmospheric fog, maps being too bright, and light sources doing next to nothing to illuminate objects / cast shadows that make the lighting in this game so damn ugly. Such a shame.

  17. Two of the most "loved" maps by killers are some of the maps I hate the most. I absolutely despise Midwich and Dead Dawg. Midwhich is basically just a holding W simulator until you have to break one of the way too many breakable walls on that map. Also, the hook spawns are so bad that it can sometimes be impossible to hook someone. Dead Dawg is also really bad, mainly because of the main building. There's like 3 different effective ways to loop it, and the generator up there is a pain to go back and forth between. The tiles are also very bizarre and it's hard to tell how the survivor is going to run it.

  18. Please give Pig her own chase music!

  19. 1.) Balance changes for both survivors and killers.

  20. Any ideas on how you'd nerf The Nurse? I'm a Nurse main (for when playing killer at least) and agree she's a bit off. The new changes coming look promising though, but don't fully pull her back far enough IMO (but we'll see...).

  21. Not sure honestly. Maybe try to telegraph her teleport location with an indicator once she releases it. Kind of stupid but I don't know what else I could do without changing the entire character.

  22. Netease has a great design team, as been seen in a few of their other games.

  23. Most of the time it really doesn't give a noticeable gameplay advantage, but I suppose it could if you make your game as bright as the sun.

  24. No. We were messing around for most of the game and then he led me to that corner. I backed up in the video because I didn't want to bodyblock him. He was already about to die when he ran into that corner though anyways.

  25. Even when you ask for boops? I get it when you're not in the mood, but when you ask for boops do you still slaughter them afterward?

  26. I don't really ask for boops. If they want to do it, I'll let them, but then I'll continue to play the game normally. Only at the start of a match though.

  27. I use filters but it's not like they really affect anything. I crank up the brightness probably around 10% or less and bring up the saturation more. The game just has a really dull color scheme. It feels like nothing contrasts well.

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