1. It sounds like a reverse sneeze, she might have something lodged in her nose. My dog had one or two fits doing that and it cleared itself up (took him to the vet and nothing was wrong).

  2. LOVE THAT! I’ve called her Indiana a few times when I was annoyed. Bones may find itself added at some point now.

  3. My only worry would be looting if for some reason our water isn’t potable. People think it’s tin foil hat to be prepared for an electricity / water shutoff for 3+ days, but all it takes is a few days of no water and electricity and I guarantee people will start going crazy

  4. Pro tip: you can drink the water from your hot water tank in a pinch. 40-50 gallons of drinking water.

  5. Ahhh yeah good point. I always figured I’d boil off the chlorine in my jacuzzi but water heater is better.

  6. Not that gym bro zyzz type hardstyle that got popular on tiktok that is pussy shit listen to some rawstyle/hardcore/uptempo to wake yourself up

  7. If you don’t mind me asking what happened to your other dog? I always worry about my dogs breathing especially since I live were it’s super humid.

  8. It was definitely different than his brother (pictured) who is alive and well.

  9. Activist judge…that’s fucking hilarious. Benitez is reading the law how it was meant to be written. He’s not defending racist anti 2A laws as a precedent to deny citizens rights. It’s the CA DOJ who are being activists.

  10. The DOJ supports unconstitutional racist gun laws to arrest people of color. This is a fact.

  11. I believe it, too. It’s nuts such laws still exist. Including drug possession for personal use, maybe I understand if it’s heroin or meth, but the pessimist in me thinks the majority of arrests made are of minorities for things like weed or maybe coke. Or it can get planted on them, which I’m sure happens significantly more often than gets reported.

  12. To me the fact that the house next door (and down the street) are all the same.

  13. I can't stand SoCal track housing! I always tell my wife it has no soul, and they're built with cheaper materials than century homes. Then again, I grew up in track housing my whole life so I'm biased.

  14. Right? I grew up in tract or cookie cutter housing and hated it. Everyone has their opinion, my parents felt they had made it in America as immigrants buying new construction. I get that I do, but even as a child I thought they were boring (and the thinnest walls ever).

  15. Same here!!! My wife hates our century home (it’s pretty solid imo but has a few annoying issues we can’t pay to fix).

  16. I counted at least like 30 cars. What the hell, that’s such a waste of taxpayer dollars.

  17. I rarely turn in bike lanes unless it’s required based on the street layout. I always check for bikes, but DAMN every car has a blind spot in the rear and I’ve had some bikes just blaze past me, busses, etc. without considering they might be physically invisible to the driver.

  18. Lived in LA for years it’s no where near as bad as here for running reds.

  19. When did you live there, out of curiosity? I feel like LA got progressively worse in the years leading up to / after COVID (as with most large cities).

  20. Tell me where you are located! I'll come take them off your hands :)

  21. Robbery is not a justification for lethal force here, we don’t have a “stand your ground” law. You’d have to be able to make a reasonable argument in court that you had reason to believe you were in mortal danger that a jury would buy.

  22. I see a lot of downvotes, but I feel like cum box might have a point? You can’t kill over property and if someone implies they just want to steal your shit, you can’t kill them to prevent them.

  23. Don’t forget, marge also ruined the burns lawsuit scheme. And she tried to bang her bowling instructor. But to her credit, she puts up with a lot and takes care of the family entirely on her own.

  24. There’s also the whole steroid thing which frankly on its own makes her worse than Homer in my book.

  25. Less clothing allows for more movement to strangle us or cut open our heads and put candy in them.

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