1. If Doug Ford came out and said look folks/friends. We’ve been looking across the world for the best solutions to our healthcare issues and we are proposing a model that closely resembles Germany’s with a mix of public and private but you’ll never have to pay out of pocket.

  2. Thing is, who would believe Ford saying you would never pay out of pocket? He’s a liar, liars gonna lie.

  3. Doug would have a hard time selling anything saying it’s a good thing for the people rather than a good thing for his rich cronies.

  4. Sorry to bring up an old post but similar thing happened to me when my flight to india was cancelled from YYZ . Does this mean I entered Canada again ?

  5. You probably did not go through India customs in Canada. Pearson does have US customs, once you go through you are technically in the United States. I had to re-enter Canada. Border agent: how long were you in the US? Me: about 3 hours lol.

  6. It doesn't make sense to use public funds to hire private companies. It costs the system more money and is unsustainable. Most private companies don't have the publics best interests in mind. They cut costs that affect patient care for bigger profits.

  7. I can understand hiring outside agencies to manage ‘peaks’, as in public handles a stable 80% normal load, private handles 20% plus and if the load falls below 100% then private is SOL. But once private healthcare has a majority of the load and is in the hands of oligarchy, then the general public would be screwed.

  8. The problem with this, is if we spend a lot of time around 80%, there is no reason for a private company to build out empty hospitals and staff just for the 4 months of flu season we may need them. What are the nurses and doctors supposed to do when occupancy means they aren’t needed?

  9. Low load is 80%, peak load would be more like 125%. Private companies can be more flexible in their manpower levels than public. That is the contract life, you might have time off and/or jump around to one private company or another. Not sure I’ve heard there will be private hospitals built, rather services that support doctor visits and particular medical procedures.

  10. One hundo pee. It’s got to the point where I just don’t want to go places anymore because they’re understaffed and service is very slow.

  11. Just spent $400 on two service calls and parts for the furnace, then finally found and fixed the problem on my own using google and YouTube. More than slow, just not proficient in this case.

  12. So fun story I had recently with Rogers. I went to look to upgrade my internet (knew I was overpaying, and had an old modem). I signed into their website and it offered me a deal on a better plan than I had for less money than I was paying. I thought great! So I tried to sign up for the deal, but after going through the entire signup process it would always fail at the end or at different stages and gave a vague error. "Try again later." Multiple days in a row still the same thing.

  13. That’s what happens when a company gets tons of money just for being there, complacency and inertia with no one answering for it to the customer. The letter from the Rogers CEO after the system wide shutdown was a bunch of hot air, I’ll bet he’s buddies with Galen Weston.

  14. this is not rogers this is every company and any IT stuff... sales is revenue and everything else is a cost

  15. Bell and Telus too. The CRTC ensures they need big wide doors to take in all the money they get.

  16. It's standard practice to take your tracks and listen to them in your car, at your house, on your phone, etc.

  17. I mean, that’s what the convoy was all about and now he just comes out and says it.

  18. To me it’s all about expectations. I’ll expect to pay 50% over and above the menu price for tax and tip and what have you. When the menu says the meal is $20, I see $30. If that’s too much, then I don’t go.

  19. I'll blame him for putting Ontario on pace to be underfunded by $23B over the next 6 years. That's per the FAO. It's worse than any government in recent history. And for Bill 124.

  20. 10 year ban on owning 3 or more homes and ban corporations from buying homes.

  21. Even just tempering speculation to bring house prices more relative to wages, it’s so disconnected these days.

  22. There might be a headcount review or managers being on vacation, etc. Or some other pressing matters that supersede hiring for your position. It could be a variety of things. I’ve had businesses contact me two months after interviewing, at least you know those are the ones to stay away from. Seems like Linamar is living up to their reputation by not contacting you when they said they would.

  23. Kids with autism were Doug’s first target when he was elected. That should tell you what kind of person he is, and what kind of party the OPC is. Everything he has done and undone since then should come as no surprise, nothing is beneath him in his quest for wealth and power.

  24. Colluding? I thought he worked for the developers and is working hard to get the Employee of the Year Award?

  25. Don't forget one of his largest doners that ran the entire Wynn / Liberal smear campaign "Ontario Proud" that all these Ontario idiots continued to share on social media was 100% funded by real estate developers.

  26. When no one cares about your problems, no one has empathy for you, it makes you start to wonder why you put forth the effort caring about theirs.

  27. There has been a surge in divisiveness in the past 4-6 years, driven in part by political ideologies, social media, and covid (even in families regarding vaccination, masking, gatherings, etc) that seem to force people into taking a stance rather than doing your thing and respecting the choice of others (so long as they aren’t compromising your safety/health). I feel as you are right, respect and understanding in society is being compromised and slowly eroding.

  28. Canadians forget about 6 months after each election but this is exactly how Canadian politics work. Liberals gain power, reset social programs and environmental policies, conservatives froth at the mouth. Economics slow and global policies cause downturn, conservatives get elected. Conservatives gain power, tax breaks for the rich and corporations, remove environmental regulations, gut social programs and economics rebound. Libs lose their minds. Cons run the country just long enough for things to recover but Canadians can’t stand their social/environmental policies so they turn back to the liberals. Rinse and repeat. This is why we have a balanced and successful country. This is also why neither party needs to drum up the “end of the country” rhetoric and why people shouldn’t fall for it. Both parties are essential and successful in what they are intending to do. And we need both. The end

  29. It's not just you, Starbucks does the same to me as well. I'm not a fan of Tim's but Starbucks is definitely a no-go! I enjoy McCafe coffee though some locations need to get better with consistency though.

  30. Glad we aren’t the only ones that notice the inconsistency. Sometimes so very good, sometimes meh and everything in between. Never bad though.

  31. So NEEP is a great resource for determining the efficiency of heat pumps. There you can find the COP of different systems at different temperatures. Then you can use efficiency Maine's website to compare fuel costs

  32. I absolutely know Amazon does it. I was able to get a set of plates half price of what my wife could get on her browser, since she does all the Amazon shopping. The reason was the price increased since last time she bought, so I just went shopping on my phone. The interesting part was she couldn’t even access the seller that my phone pulled up (in stock, I ordered, so now Amazon knows my phone lol.

  33. If it was me I’d find out what region the family is from, then research recipes from that area. You may have to look in recipe books for this. If there are photos then appearance can suggest something, or if you can discern certain spices and the recipes contain them then they might be worth a shot, and if close then tweak.

  34. Those fertilizers and pesticides are bad for the environment, but good for crop production. I’ve only had a few strangers strike up a conversation on politics, every one was a farmer that was looking to share their side. Thing is, the cons would facilitate big farming buying them out or driving them out.

  35. I wouldn’t get my hopes up. Unions in Ontario aren’t so daring

  36. It would be good to see the unions stand up for the nurses. Sure they stopped him running over education support workers with his OPC bus, but he still has nurses under the wheels and he will always be looking for more. Unions can take the air out his tires completely when it comes to his dictatorship ways of dealing with public employees.

  37. Quite some years ago a local tv station did a story on a kid (like maybe 14 yrs old at the time) who had an unorthodox way of playing a guitar. Very rough around the edges but did great considering his disability. I know for a fact he that he kept at it and had success. His name was Jeff Healey. Keep at it OP!

  38. The piece was during a noon hour newscast and it was just him in the household family room, well before he formed a band and took the stage. Fun to see the videos, his live shows were awesome.

  39. Agreed. Speeding is dangerous at a point, but it’s usually idiotic driving that destroys. From a law enforcement perspective, speeding is a much easier offence to catch and process.

  40. These people aren’t protesters. They’re dangerous entitled lunatics hiding behind their right to “protest”.

  41. Haters, the whole lot of them. They need something or someone to hate and feel justified in displaying it in one way shape or form.

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