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  1. The signal to offer to step out and give her time to shower.

  2. Because she couldn't take a shower while he stays in the study room?

  3. "invited a few of us to her room". Not sure how well they knew each other at the time, but hanging out/studying in the dorm hall for 20 minutes wouldn't be a huge ask for an allowance of privacy to wash up.

  4. Get up on stage and perform in a musical… my unachievable dream 😍❤️

  5. Go see The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and you will get your wish.

  6. Yeah my thought process here is "well if I do one dish, I'm already there so I might as well do all of them, but I don't feel like doing all the dishes so I'm not gonna do any"

  7. This is why I group dishes. Organize the dishes in the sink so you can do groups of them. "I need a bowl" so I clean all the bowls. "Now I need a spoon" then I clean the spoons. I normally plan to use the last one in the stack for my immediate needs. I sometimes end up with a few annoying things (click lock glass containers that are for onion veg prep, etc) that hang around for a few days, but I end up using the momentum of cleaning some dishes to clean all the dishes once a week or so.

  8. I used to love these... now I need to search Google for a dairy and gluten free version.

  9. What is going on with Reed's face?! He looks like he has something chromosomal going on.

  10. It would almost make sense for him to have acromegaly. Though I dint know where his mutation is derived from (an experiment I think, but not sure as to what).

  11. It's been years, but I want to say the Fantastic Four were on a space station that was hit with a radioactive burst of energy, giving them powers. There's a chance that I'm mixing the story up with another group though.

  12. You are correct. The Googles states "exposure to cosmic radiation" for all of them. Clearly I didn't watch any of the movies...

  13. I would love to watch a pirate movie without Depp, but maybe not a Pirates movie without Depp.

  14. If you haven't yet, go watch the series "Black Sails".

  15. I was left with tremors and read about other people with tremors too. Mine are in hands so I can probably say good bye to my miniature painting hobby. It's been getting better over time but my hands still don't feel the same and if I get upset it gets worse, like a lot worse.

  16. How stiff was your neck when you were actively sick?

  17. What does neck stiffness indicate? A viral meningitis?

  18. Your motor nerves come out of the front of your spine, the nerves for the hands come from your neck. If there was excessive stiffness in the neck during illness, impairment or impingement to the nerves may linger (especially in the deeper structures around the front of the throat).

  19. I never knew there was a problem getting UT going! I think my current copy is from GOG, but I've been playing it for literally 23 years.

  20. Spent hours the night of the New Years Eve of the Millenium at a party at some family friends house getting lost playing CTF_Face for the first time, just sniping headshots. My mom was concerned at my antisocial behaviour, but we understand it now.

  21. There are a lot of significant losses on this thread that are so worthy of being seen.

  22. This is an accurate representation of the back of a 30 year old. Take 2 ibuprophene and call me in the morning.

  23. Lol I am a light sleeper and my man has restless legs. It's quite the combination. I move to the couch nearly every night.

  24. Has your husband tried taking magnesium for his restless legs?

  25. Personally, I have 8 shots of espresso and then use a straight razer.

  26. Chiropractic "adjustments" can cause vertebral arterial aneurysm and a wide range of other serious injuries. People are injured die, or require lifetime care because this fucking country lets a bunch of greedy cunts following some 1800's "magnetic healer's" teachings (that include "subluxation is the sole cause of disease and manipulation is the cure for all diseases of the human race") pretend to be doctors. You can be a chiropractic doctor after one year of training, you don't even need a college degree, just 90 credit hours from any institution.

  27. Where are you that chiroprators only need 90 hours from any institution? The schools I am familiar with require a bachelors degree in a relevant field, and provide a 4 year program for certification of there Doctorate of Chiropractic.

  28. The Big Short is what needed to be celebrated and acclaimed, rather than the Wolf of Wallstreet. It puts the stress and importance where it needs to be on people corrupting and abusing systems for their own benefit.

  29. Fyi, a trauma bond is not the same as bonding over similar traumas.

  30. Landlord inspected our house informally as we were moving out. I was expecting him to deduct $2-300 from a $700 (half one month's rent) deposit. We left a few pieces of trash and one box, and there were a couple of things we agreed we'd pay to repaint.

  31. As a BC resident, can confirm. I have had landlords just keep the deposit and do nothing about cleaning.

  32. Isn't this one of the oldest jokes of written record?

  33. That the entire world excels at making bathroom stalls that you can’t see between. Not sure why the US stall manufacturers can’t figure out how to close those massive gaps…

  34. Canadian here, still waiting on that technology to reach us as well.

  35. Aphasia. I'm scared I'm developing an onset to it. Randomly during high stress stuff, speech becomes almost impossible unless I stop and focus on my speech.

  36. There are many things that can cause this kind of reaction. Trauma, neurodivergence/autism, sensory overstimulation, nutrient deficiency, etc. Worth talking to a medical professional about it if you are concerned. (And if one doesn't treat it like a legitimate complaint, feel free to ask another).

  37. OP, looks like you've got a number of questions.

  38. If you are in Canada you CANNOT touch the strippers. Your money (only bills, no coins) goes on the stage right in front of you and the stripper will collect it.

  39. Yoshi's Crafted World comes to mind. Games that are fun but are designed for kids to enjoy. Incremental increase in challenge, replayability as your skills improve.

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