1. How is he “that kid from Princess Bride” over “that kid from The Wonder Years”?

  2. Seen all but Pom Poko. I’ll go with that recent French one I Lost My Body (readily available on Netflix). Interesting premise and cool animation style.

  3. Honestly, let’s not forget pre-injury 2017 Wentz. That was damn exciting to watch. And before that, 2010 Vick was fun as hell to watch.

  4. It’s amazing that this was basically their student film in college. It’s pretty great.

  5. One of my absolute favorite bits of that early, weird style of South Park humor.

  6. Have you seen the R-rated cut that I think was released on Blu-ray/DVD? I only saw it when it came out in the theater, PG-13 rated.

  7. Solid slate of films, like them all except not totally sure about that Zemeckis Beowulf one, I’d like to see it again. Anyways, ‘tis the season and I’m going Grinch.

  8. Ooh, a loaded round (except maybe The Lego Movie which is still a pretty fun and surprisingly funny movie but kind of a lightweight compared to these other heavy-hitters). Seen all of them. I know it doesn’t need my help and will likely win easily, but it’s WALL-E for me.

  9. I always wondered why Dee was stuffed into an ill-fitting garbage bag in this scene.

  10. I always thought that dress looked like it was entirely made of duct tape, lol. Such an unflattering look for the bird.

  11. The Sunny Christmas special was actually made in 2009 (during season 5), but for some weird reason it was later included as part of season 6 (2010) I think. So I can see how it can make the continuity weird.

  12. Well, remember: he’s an owner of a 2001 Buick Park Avenue, after all.

  13. I’m firmly in the “If you own him and he’s playing, you start him” camp. I mean, only unless you have Mahomes or something.

  14. They're just keeping an eye out for any drifting.

  15. And you know what happens with Tokyo drifting? It leads to bickering. Which of course, leads to karate. woosh woosh woosh

  16. Hmm, seen the majority (3 of the 5) so I guess I'll vote. Haven't seen Beauty and the Beast in ages but I recall liking it well enough but not as much as most. Paperman was a pretty cool short but I'm going with my guy Linklater and voting for Waking Life.

  17. No animation ??? My guy, you are married to one of the best stop motion animators alive rn

  18. To be fair, it’s not like Criterion has an extensive selection of animated films to choose from, lol. There’s like, what, 3 movies?

  19. Wow, there are some heavy hitters here. Especially the first 3 (Bambi/Grave/Only Yesterday). Haven’t seen The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (been on my watchlist) and I thought Toy Story 2 was only OK, definitely weaker than the first and third in that series. Looks like TS2 is in the lead and I expect it will stay that way…sigh.

  20. I always meant to watch this movie when I had Hulu, but I never did.

  21. I like Toy Story and it’s gonna run away with this round, but I gotta throw some support to Ghost in the Shell.

  22. Not sure if he still does but he used to wear actual local bar T-shirt’s in the show too

  23. I remember it blowing my mind seeing when he wore a Deer Park Tavern T-shirt in an episode (that bar is in my neck of the woods by the Univ. of Delaware campus).

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