1. That it is possible to get testicle infection. Germs, bacteria, viruses can enter via the “eye” of your penis. Same for vaginas I guess.

  2. They are saying that "excess deaths" are up 16% and way above "the baseline average".I don't know enough about the methodology to producer this graph or the scope etc to make these calculations.


  4. Especially how Jan 26 is a day of the massacre of up 300 Gamilaroi people in the

  5. January 26th is also the day of the Waterloo Creek Massacre (1838) where between 40-300 Gamilaroi people killed, depending on who you believe.

  6. Good because only anti vaccine preppers cookers loaded up with firearms would want to live here. Our anti vax QAnon prepper neighbours were talking about getting an acreage and they’d love a set up like this property.

  7. I think it is a bit OTT though, Ian Leaver referring to it as a "sacred site"!

  8. Great idea. We don’t want cookers or Christian Nationalists buying the site.

  9. I think it is a bit over-the-top though, Ian Leavers calling it a "sacred site".

  10. Gareth Train's videos are still up at Rumble under the name Daniel Yurigirawil - Stacey Train used the name "Mrs Yuri Girawil" to post to YouTube

  11. Anyone seen the videos Gareth uploaded to YouTube and elsewhere?

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