1. If you're playing the single player mode then you don't need a connection

  2. No brozzer you don't get it, "beat" means to walk away. Allah is truly merciful

  3. I took this too far in my San Andreas PC playthrough. I did it straight after the first mission and was losing health due to hunger by the time I finished. There were no restaurants open either (you have to beat one or two missions before they are). The only thing I could do was buy cans from vending machines.

  4. You can also reset hunger by saving the game and loafing the file

  5. GTA IV obviously especially the lost and damned has great potential for a movie, but for a tv series i think GTA V fits that more.

  6. Well those are not real Muslims because Islam wants them to kill apostates

  7. D from GTA V. A game completely focused on gangs and will have us play as the ballas instead of families like we're used to would be great.

  8. There's no weapon/radio wheel in GTA IV and when falling you can grab ledges which makes parkour easier. Combat is also more complex and driving is slower and it's harder to make turns

  9. Yet everytime they come we keep humilating them. Also, last screen someone said that's Allah made everything in pair which isn't true as a lot of living species reproduce asexually.

  10. He made everything in pairs, but allows men to marry 4 women. How do they not see it???

  11. I did it on first try with Trevor's helicopter

  12. So this means unicorns exist, and no one can prove it wrong

  13. No it's not free, you need to win multiple games to get it.

  14. If it ever happens, I'm sure any likeness to Phil Collins (and his music) will be removed from the game.

  15. That's most likely the thing stopping them from re releasing the game. He ties into the story so I'm not sure if the game will feel finished if they remove him

  16. From the ones in the image: Yusuf amir. I think it will be fitting to see him in vice city

  17. I know vice city's map by heart. I know every location, every corner, every pickup and even every fixed car location

  18. See that's what I'm talking about your knowledge is just too weak you didn't search enough or you searched in the wrong place. Islam came to end slavery and what is child marriage to you from which age girls can get married do you think? And what conditions should it be in the girl to get married? If you see your grandfathers generation they were getting married at age 15 - 17 and that was okay back then but now it's weird to see a 17 years old girl getting married it depends on the era and culture and the reasons why you marry this girl.

  19. Islam ending slavery is a lie

  20. What i do is remove full screen and open task manager to cover it until the game loads

  21. They're common in front of the police station

  22. Skydive + painkiller in GTA V

  23. The people who are whining and bitching and shitting themselves over GTA 6 not being out yet are the exact same people who will whine and bitch and shit themselves over the game being garbage because they harassed the devs to release it faster.

  24. No one did that, this is just a joke about it taking too long

  25. Rockstar keeps milking GTA online so much that they had to bring them back for content

  26. Niko didn't kill Jim in no way on the subway

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