1. I think in this case it’s called harefoot.


  3. I love that 2023 is both the Year of the Rabbit and when FNAF 3 is assumed to take place.

  4. You can find old stock ones on Wallapop and Todocoleccion. The PSP ones are mainly on Wallapop. I get most of my POP Stations on those two websites, and then I make videos on them.

  5. Next time you're there, hook-up an XP computer to the internet and see how long it is before you get a call complaining that it's stopped working. Surely the lack of patches would kill it.

  6. The idea of old computers still being used in modern times brings a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for me; I'm sure IT Guys may find it frustrating, but I love it. lol

  7. I’m an it guy and I find nothing wrong with it, as long as the machines are properly secured.

  8. Go on? The one few I have seen are overly expensive sadly though.

  9. It’s actually an old type, predates even the POP Station itself. This eventually ended up turning into the modern POP Station.

  10. I am very tempted to just put a giant speaker on top and start playing the City Fighter theme.

  11. Not gonna lie, I am confused by the sudden rise of describing brick game clones as POP Stations, back in my day a POP Station played City Fighter above all else, damnit!

  12. It may be very old. I can't see a date on the box, but I got it at the kind of penny arcade in a small town that may have had a box of them for the past ten years.

  13. Yeah, those date from about ‘06. They’re still pretty common though, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could find one in a corner at Poundland.

  14. I’ve actually heard that loop on several cheap toys from the 80s.

  15. I remember the Pop stations ones as I found the very early ones a bit ASMRy.


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