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  • By - dw994

  1. Extends to all other Pittsburgh sports too... When they got their ass handed to them in the first round of the NHL playoffs they were spamming every single hockey subreddit with those bullshit "Pens fan coming in peace, hope you guys beat up the Rangers uwu" posts. Like, Christ almighty

  2. Because Crosby broke a nail or something and couldn't play for part of the series. Biggest whiners in the league

  3. Really too much to listen too. Not funny, just a bad joke they keep trying to tell. Nobody's laughing dude.

  4. One of the places I intend to see this fall. Looking forward to the drive. Really a shame it's not better cared for.

  5. I met someone who’s family owned it while I was there. He let me inside to take pics and explore too. He said his aunt lived in it til the 60s and they sold it to the Athens museum recently and it’ll be started to be restored in a week or two. How credible that is? I dont know. But we had a really cool talk.

  6. I feel confident it'll bounce back someday

  7. It’s tired. A few rubber tree plants and it’ll bounce back.

  8. That is for sure. I only worked dg as a second job, and only for about 2 years. It made all the insane things they expected bearable because I could just walk away if it got too ridiculous. If I would have needed dg as a primary income source, I would have been in a really bad place. I have a lot of sympathy for those of you trapped in that job.

  9. I will promise that if this team acquires Watson, I am done. And I’ll be done until he’s off the team, as well as every person in the front office and owner suite that agreed to bring him on.

  10. I will be done as well. I won't support the team that allows this person back in.

  11. Effective use of environment and beautifully balanced

  12. If you can't set the camera internally to that, an intervolumeter will do the trick.

  13. I was in a similar situation myself. Didn't have the responsibility of a title, but was the one who would constantly run myself ragged while others stood at the register and watched. Finally had enough and quit. Had a better paying job with far less hassle in 3 days. The jobs are out there if you can find time to look. Good luck to you.

  14. Maybe this ridiculousness could be the thing that starts to bring the player's together as a team. I read the comments from the exit interviews that have been made public and hope this could be a starting point for that. I got your back,you got mine kind of thing.

  15. Had just started a new job doing shipping and receiving and had zero experience doing it. Had a easily damaged finished product to pack and ship, so asked my supervisor for exact details on what to do. Gave me explicit instructions and I followed them exactly. Product still arrived damaged and he came out screaming about how I had messed up. When I reminded him of his instructions, his reply was " Just because I tell you what to do doesn't mean anything. You have to think about these things '

  16. The customers. Entitled jerks that lie,cheat and steal, then blamed me when they got caught. Couldn't face another holiday season putting up with it.

  17. How do you burn a time out to avoid a too many men on the field penalty, only to come back with too many men on the field?

  18. I'm probably older than a lot of the people here, but I am having horrible flashbacks to Forrest Gregg. Offensive guy, hired as head coach. AFC coach of the year 1975, fired in 1977, eventually winds up in the CFL. History always seems to repeat itself in the worst ways for Cleveland.

  19. The impending inventory and holidays coming after were the final straw. People suck, and the holidays make them crazy too. Just couldn't do it anymore. Turned out to be the best decision in a long time. If you can stay at home with your kids, 100% do it.

  20. This whole situation reminds of way back when when Andre Rison came to town. Underperforming diva that tried to burn the place down when things didn't go his way. Was glad when he was gone too.

  21. Yeah I cant watch this Chargers game. Im so sick of good teams playing absolutely lights out against us then rolling over for the ass birds a week later. Luckiest team in the league? Yes.

  22. I'm sick of the schedule that makes the Browns go to K.C and L.A while the ass birds get both those teams at home

  23. I quit just about 2 weeks ago, and feel so much better. I miss my co- workers because they were great people and we all got along so well, but I can stop by anytime to say hi.I can't begin to imagine someone so repulsive to work with. There are plenty of jobs that will at least pay better and make your stress level better too.

  24. More than likely, yes. Had someone quit at our store and she played he'll getting her vacation. The way dollar general gives out vacation is kind of shady. She did learn vacation time cannot be part of a 2 week notice. They will not pay it if you do that

  25. Didnt realize this was the Texans “What If?” episode with Hank Pym.

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