1. Nope. The fact is, people who don't experience depression don't really get it. It's not being sad, it's being emotionally numb. You don't feel anything, you don't feel sad, or hopelessness, absolutely nothing brings joy or interest, or anything like that *good or bad*, you just don't feel anything at all. Nothing. It's like a big black void that exists inside you. You'd give anything to feel anything. It's why a lot of people that have depression like that inevitably turn towards self harm or chemical dependency in an effort to feel *something*. Telling someone "don't feel sad" would do nothing at all, since they are already not feeling sadness.

  2. Then just cast it with “be happy!”, boom solved.

  3. All this talk of whether its better have your character sheet on DDB or in paper just made me realize you could export pdfs of your character sheet from DDB at each level, make a sheet in google drive and upload the pdfs and link them in the sheet. Not only would you have backups, but you could see the progression of the character over time.

  4. I made a character sheet template on Google Sheets. Always up-to-date, available on every device, and backed up locally.

  5. Yeah slow tank. Like 100% the best way for everyone to notice you're slow and to get flamed.

  6. You can 100% level up as a disc priest. It's slower because you won't deal as much damage, but every healer has damage spells and discipline actually relies on them anyway.

  7. I was just hiding the leavers name everywhere but Dmg was Hunter & Rogue did a bit above 100k dps Warlock 80k Dps Tank Monk 70k Dps. Sure low for warlock but why would you leave after 1min in the dungeon? Maybe the warlock had a lag or some short disturbance no key is bricked from that ever. Nothing went wrong either except that the leaver died 2 times to aoe on the ground already a few mins into the key. Also i didn't hide the Dps meter on purpose i just had overall and Details didnt have an overall yet as we haven't left combat

  8. Top parses on Warcraft logs aren’t sims, they are from actual logs in real fights. Real fights have different parameters than sims, such as adds dying to proc the trinket, or the raid stacking externals or letting the guy solo adds to inflate their dps.

  9. Reddit autocrop gave me titty trash mobs

  10. A lot of gamers are lacking in time-management skills. They probably envisioned the ideal situation without considering hiccups and failure into the expected time it'll take.

  11. If a timer is 40 min and a dude has 1h before raid, should he just not play for an hour? I mean if you can stay, great. But 50% over time I'm not gonna blame someone for trying to fit a run in his schedule.

  12. 20 minutes isn't enough to reliably account for the unpredictability of pugs.

  13. The only thing I’ll account for is before the key. If people are slow to get there and it’s 6:25, I’ll excuse myself and leave.

  14. Pretty sure tar trap too if you take entrapment

  15. That’s a root, doesn’t interrupt.

  16. Ah yes the 18 wheeler friend, a staple of evey friend group

  17. If you don’t have a friend with an 18 wheeler, you are the friend with an 18 wheeler.

  18. The fact you encountered one in Scarlet and didn’t notice might mean you encountered some in other games and didn’t notice.

  19. Think about why you do things on your main, decide what you enjoy doing, cut out the rest, and if you have time left over at the end of the week, do that stuff on your alts as well.

  20. I don't use macros. I actively use like 10 keys.

  21. Ok cool. Un retail that’s not much, in BC the one button wasn’t a macro. The BM rotation was literally

  22. BM isn't much more complicated on retail either. Keep barbed shot buff up, kill command on CD and cobra shot filler. Kill shot under 20% hp.

  23. Are you tilted because I insulted Classic or something? Because last I checked 4>1 even without mentioning

  24. All I remember in SL is that at launch I played the table wrongly and the missions started outleveling all my units so I gave up. I don't know if they ever addressed that.

  25. You couldn’t lock yourself out of the mission table because

  26. What percentage of players still has a popup every time they log in that says a mission is completed but they don’t feel like going to their covenant to clear it out? Was me for a good month.

  27. The Nightborn quest line from Legion is great. Alliance BfA as well, I particularly like Drustvar.

  28. From a purely dps perspective, you’ll have better options if you have multiple dps specs, like pure dps classes. It’s easier to switch specs to follow the meta than it is to switch classes. Also given a decent state of dps, some classes will naturally be more meta-prone due to the utility they bring. The two big examples for melee dps are rogue and windwalker. You’re almost always going to have an ok rogue spec damage-wise, and they’re great for utility.

  29. Best bet is to choose classes that can spec all roles, these are buff/nerf resistant since you will almost always have one spec that is good.

  30. Yeah but this only applies if you’re ok with playing different roles based on the meta. If you really want to play dps, I’d got the other way around and pick a pure dps class since you have better chances of at least one spec being good.

  31. Each class has its own utility, and using part of it does not excuse underusing another. That being said, unless you’re being disingenuous and the “or more” was like 10, you’re close enough the the group that I wouldn’t bat an eye.

  32. I don't remember the exact spread but I'm pretty sure the other two DPS (a paladin and Monk) were in the 20s. I wasn't intending to be disingenuous there though. Always room to improve and I'm hearing from multiple people in this thread that even with my 3 short cooldown AoE abilities that stop most casts I should be using wind shear more. Will definitely work on it.

  33. Sorry I wasn’t implying you were trying to be disingenuous. I just meant if you’re a couple kicks under average that’s fine, if you’re really far behind that’s an issue.

  34. If you're looking for raid progression, you can go to wowprogress website and see who's actively raiding on your server and how far along they are. They also have a section showing who is recruiting for raid and m+. Wow official forums has guild recruitment, and I believe their discord and wowhead discord has guild recruitment. If you want something casual you can also just ask in trade chat

  35. also does recruitment, including showing your “looking for guild” status to anyone with the add on.

  36. Have always been able to, just need to hearth out and get summoned, without a warlock you’ll need the +20 teleports to do it efficiently

  37. Or just walk out since the entrance is right next to the boss in TJS

  38. In S3 Shadowlands I challenged myself to get KSM with every class, and do a +15 with every spec. So I had to learn quite a few specs in a pretty short amount of time.

  39. I started playing Pokémon in French, where “revive” is called “rappel” and, foreshadowing, “repel” is called “repousse”.

  40. My biggest gripe with the new professions is that you have to invest a ton of time and effort juste to be self-sufficient. I’ve never even attempted to actually make money from professions, and I don’t play in an environment that requires crafting gear for progression. But I’ve always levelled up every profession to make my own consumables.

  41. At a certain level, yes it is. A wipe at 10% on a high tyrannical boss in a often a depleted key. And if you’re playing with a group that is already geared, no one wants to finish the key.

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