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  1. It honestly warms my heart that Forespoken failed. I'm tired of Sony's money-hatting, and Square Enix is all too happy to support it.

  2. As an American, I hate tip culture. Even some fast food restaurants ask for tips when you pay.

  3. Your brother got a $500 PS5 and your sister got a $30,000+ car?

  4. Because Greta's arrest was a staged photo op, and AOC pretended she was arrested and is wearing imaginary handcuffs. They are both frauds.

  5. Does PragerU or TP have that kind of cash though? They aren't nearly as big as DW.

  6. I don't understand why he needs a distribution platform. Why can't he just go solo on YouTube and Rumble and fund it with Mug Club/Patreon?

  7. Whenever I see a Cricket game on TV, all I can think of is these people realize baseball exists right? Why are they playing such a ridiculously stupid sport when they could be playing baseball?

  8. Because baseball, well, "it's just not cricket" (sorry, not sure who would get that phrase outside of Aus, and possibly my generation. "it's just not cricket" means that something is unfair or dishonest)

  9. Baseball came from Cricket, it's an evolution of Cricket. The fact they people are still playing Cricket is what baffles me. It's like if people were still using the horse and buggy to get around when gas powered vehicles exist.

  10. The Tree House of Horrors episodes are always pretty good, but most of the rest are meh. For me, I remember feeling like the series started going to crap when that screaming caterpillar episode came out.

  11. Buying a 4090 and a PS5? That's like buying a Ferrari and a Honda Civic.

  12. There really must not be any good competition, because Edging isn't a good song.

  13. At least get the song lyrics correct. This is sacred scripture we're talking about.

  14. Keep an eye out for sales. You can often find Series X controllers for around $40 USD.

  15. AVA hasn't been a band since Love Part 2. It's really just Tom and Ilan writing songs and David and Matt come on tour. I doubt David and Matt are even involved in the studio. I don't think they will leave the band, they'll probably just do their own thing until Tom is ready for AVA again.

  16. I really love Neighbors and Dogs Eating Dogs, so I'm excited for this new Blink album. For me, AVA hasn't been the same since Matt and Atom left and Critter died. AVA was really something special back then, now their music has become kind of generic. I'm sure it's exciting for Tom to play big arenas again, AVA can usually only fill small venues.

  17. The metric system is better, but fahrenheit is superior to celsius. Celsius is dumb.

  18. I've only been into GameStop a few times in the last several years, but on two separate occasions there was a grandma buying GTA V for a grandson that looked about 8.

  19. I played DeS about halfway through before Elden Ring came out and enjoyed it a lot. Once Elden Ring came out I played it for about two months straight. I went back to DeS, and the game just felt so old. It looks great, but plays like a 2009 game. I still love the game, it's just not very high on my SoulsBourne list.

  20. The Dream Walker is their worst album for me.

  21. Agreed. TDW is their most forgettable album. Mediocre songs and poor sound engineering. Love Part 2 is a solid album.

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