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  1. The metric system is better, but fahrenheit is superior to celsius. Celsius is dumb.

  2. I've only been into GameStop a few times in the last several years, but on two separate occasions there was a grandma buying GTA V for a grandson that looked about 8.

  3. I played DeS about halfway through before Elden Ring came out and enjoyed it a lot. Once Elden Ring came out I played it for about two months straight. I went back to DeS, and the game just felt so old. It looks great, but plays like a 2009 game. I still love the game, it's just not very high on my SoulsBourne list.

  4. The Dream Walker is their worst album for me.

  5. Agreed. TDW is their most forgettable album. Mediocre songs and poor sound engineering. Love Part 2 is a solid album.

  6. Sometimes I think he just picks words that rhyme and gives zero fucks for if it makes sense or not. I love Chasing Shadows, but the lyrics in the verse are just random sentences being thrown together. Some songs just have cringey lyrics, Rebel Girl for example. Also, Tom seems to really like ghosts. Someone should count how many of his songs mention a ghost.

  7. Rebel Girl is one of the most straight forward songs AVA has. It's a love song. It makes a lot of sense when you have the feeling to pair it with and it is really nice.

  8. The rhymes are bad. "I gotta tell ya, the shoe fits my little Cinderella."

  9. Most episodes in the first few seasons. "Help my teenager hates me" was also pretty boring.

  10. It honestly doesn't need a remaster. It's already 4K, it just needs the framerate unlocked.

  11. He's a clickbait YouTuber. If it bothers you so much, don't watch it.

  12. I thought up this meme after the bathroom doorknob broke apart, probably the 20th thing to break in my 2020 Forest River.

  13. Funny enough, I had never been to L.A. until about 2 weeks ago. I was walking around Hollywood Blvd for a few hours, then saw World Class was there right after I had left. Kind of wish I could have stuck around a bit longer to run into him.

  14. Ouch, kind of hurts my heart to see Surrender at number 1. Surrender is the closest thing Tom has written to a shitty pop song. It also kind of sounds like it was recorded using a keyboard in his garage.

  15. And I've always wanted the final encore song to be We Are All That We Are!

  16. I don't know if it would have fit well for Top Gun, but it's definitely my favorite AVA song in the Ilan Rubin era.

  17. Good post! I've saved it in case an opportunity comes up to share with someone.

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