1. Used to love this scene, the dokkan battle sub reddit make me hate it

  2. For the same reason why TEQ transforming Frieza is on Movie Bosses while AGL transforming Goku isn't on Movie Heroes. That reason would be: ?wtf why?

  3. What are you talking about boruto's dad doesn't have a series

  4. Honestly, I doubt that they will be better than Gohan, he has a busted eza because he is the fucking Gohan agl lr, the most used card in dokkan history, I think that they will be strnger than least gohan but not too much imo

  5. Honestly, I followed him Really a lot until a year ago, and I always wondered what the truth was, he has some pics where he looks like a normal guy who has been going to the gym for years, and others where I wonder who is trying to make fun of

  6. Thanks for the spoiler on the title toriyama👍

  7. Because is funny (except the fingering, that is just gay)

  8. 7/10 is a good tank, but his damage is non existence, and I need vegeta and trunks int to work, so he is unplayable in many of his team, and the orb requirement is really bad for him

  9. Let's be real, nearly no one remember that chie wants to be a police officer

  10. If I'm being completely honest, in my first playthrough of P4 (ps2 version btw) I was split between Chie and Yukiko, chose the latter because I could relate more to her, but their ending made me wish I had romanced Chie instead.

  11. Yeah, chie social link is amazing, and man If I want back in p6 persona evolution of party member not being behind social link but related to story events

  12. Ngl, I love p3's tartarus more than p3's story until linke October, I love that gameplay loop and grinding

  13. The problems are the fan, they watch harem and vecchi shit, so the authors to appeal the audience puts scenes like these

  14. Man, by the time that bt4 comes out we will be already deluded about lr gods eza

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