1. I can’t wait til uncle howdy is revealed as Vince McMahon

  2. There are only two theories I believe. This or he actually just bought a turtleneck today.

  3. What if it was that simple, he just holds turtlenecks in really high regard

  4. Yeah I just used Cody as a random example but solo would probably be the best option for eliminating him

  5. Solo & Sami the last 2 left after clearing everyone out. Bloodline orders Sami to eliminate himself.. he does only to reveal that (wrestler) wasn’t actually eliminated by Sami earlier and (wrestler) eliminates Solo to win!

  6. He’s not a bad wrestler but in a video game I wouldn’t be excited to play as him- if you know what I mean. Other than that I like his character but he’s not “evil” enough to be “the devil” as he calls himself

  7. Yeah pretty much just swore me off using dealers and I’ll just have to take the day trip to New Mexico.

  8. Look up THCA cannabis. Can order online. Still gets the job done, If you’ve been smoking 20 years you might recognize some of the “older” strains they have available

  9. I agreed that’s why I’m only going after type 2 over at arete and Wnc. Only thing I want from flow is blue cheese #12. Other than that. I’m way more happy at getting type 1 at Dr ganja

  10. Wookies if you want to be locked n creative split opens……..

  11. I'm curious what I did wrong? If your wondering why I didn't hold the smoke in like you would a joint it's cause that can cause your lungs to pop. I think I pretty clearly inhaled it

  12. Not saying you did anything wrong.. that’s just what it looks like to me, that’s why I’m curious! I for one do not have the lungs to milk a bong like that so I am also impressed!

  13. The dude who you already replied to you explained it very well. I also appreciate that lol, my running theory is I've been doing XC mountain biking my whole life and I think that's just made my breathing/lungs stronger

  14. That would definitely make sense! Enjoy my dude! See you in the skies!

  15. The chair is probably there so there's something to stand on to reach the Switch.

  16. They put that chair on top of the mattress and play from up there

  17. Tv where mirror is against the stair case. Configure the couch so that the one already facing the stairs stays, slide the other one (in 2nd pic) out and have it face the fireplace.

  18. Lol I was so high and I've prob looked at 100 different pictures and read a bunch of shit, next thing I'm ohhh I like a sale.... just starting buying pictures that looked pretty 😆 🤣

  19. Glad you realized and are on the correct buying path now haha

  20. I think you might have just bought cbd and are going to be very disappointed

  21. Well now that you mention it they would make a great tag team together

  22. It’s a nice switch up from the “normal” heavier high you might be accustomed to. Definitely still gets the job done on its own but is also great to mix in with stronger stuff

  23. Great outdoor budget strain with better than advertised effects.

  24. Keep us updated. I didn’t like the Death Star from Arete too much, much more fond of green crack and Blueberry

  25. No way. Buy a jar or at least keep it in the baggie. Yikes

  26. But didnt in the music video was a person that got shot and is about to die. I always thought this was supposed to be proof

  27. It literally was proof. He was acting in the video. Then later on he died in a similar manner

  28. Why do you offer such a putrid pattern to begin with? Sounds like you’re setting yourself up for failure lol

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