1. I've mostly come to accept that this game's a glorified idle game. But... come on. Either make the war equally idle, or actually give us control.

  2. How do you start as the trolls? I just get clapped by bjarnrik's numbers, even after the update. After they nerfed the trolls hard do they even have anything going for them?

  3. Their skirmish hit and run tactics. You play scared. You bait them in to forts with minimum maintenance armies on a burned out, good terrain fort. Then you attack them and run. Then attack and run. Then attack and wipe them out.

  4. Wow! What quality is your army to be winning like that?

  5. The quality is called: The Art of War. Strike where the enemy is weak. Retreat where he is strong.

  6. Believe it or not, this is only about a third of the total coalition. I am juggling the truces. I simply got a tiny bit unlucky with all the far ones joining before one I could declare on did. (I don't no-CB.)


  8. R5: man, it is really slow going, since I can only reasonably truce split so much (at least without instantly nabbing them as soon as anyone joins one - that's boring).

  9. Like your ogrish cousins, you might have tried to bite more than you can chew

  10. Nah. I'm good. I've eaten most of Gawed already.

  11. What UI/flag mod is that? I could've sworn I had it but I guess not.

  12. Stooped hyoomuns. Dey dink dey can win. Dey not no noffin.

  13. I vaguely watched Futurama as a kid, upon seeing images of him I understand your joke. Just saying your post would have immensely benefited from an R5 Comment providing context.

  14. Jeez you kids make me feel old. lol. It's a reference to Zap Brannigan explaining his strategy of sending in wave after wave of men to be killed by the kill bots until the bots' kill counters overloaded.

  15. Any way to get the ideagroups only? I tried Homebrew, but it messed with a lot of things I didn't like (decreased Morale for war exhaustion and increased cost to reduce it, super expensive armies/advisors, ...).

  16. I am not, but it is the important part of it that I pay attention to. If you don't like the building cost changes, there's anbennar trade goods & building which overrides the changes.

  17. Makes about as much sense as anything else in this war system, I suppose...

  18. Hehehe. That's the borders of a New Shire that went for Show Strength for all their wars until reform 5.

  19. Oh yes. Newshire is definitely the nation projecting power there. Do not look at the grey arm extending once again over the horizon.

  20. As the 0th hour of the next day dawns, I figure I should probably go to sleep.

  21. Do you know if the socket colors change, if you change the socket numbers? Are they all guaranteed to be white?

  22. Rerolling sockts with jewelers will wipe the white sockets. Using the crafting bench for 4 sockets will just add a socket, keeping the 3 white.

  23. I assumed as much. Thanks for the confirmation.

  24. I really loved my krakazol playthrough except for this part. Had to use console commands to make my female ruler a general. My advice to you is counter sieges count too. I had already owned all command provinces in the serpentspine before I got to this mission, but I let the command’s armies start sieging gronstunad and then attacked them which fulfilled the requirements. It’s annoying as fuck if the command is still big, but luckily for my run I had already basically destroyed them before I got into the hold’s mission tree.

  25. There's a console command for that???? What is it?

  26. So, the Main Character Jadd McJadd Face conquers the world. Then something happens. And now this happened. Neat.

  27. That’s a beefy Jaddari creeping into Rahen. Normally the AI doesn’t make it that far for me.

  28. MCs think they are the main characters.

  29. That's a big command and a very hungry Jadd. What year is it?

  30. OP explicitly stated that their ranking was based on the racial modifier not the pips

  31. Primarily on modifiers, and not pips. When the military pips are 1:1 associated with the racial modifiers, like for harpies, dwarves, and such, I did include them.

  32. Also Undead is pretty terrible in MP because with scorched earth your very slow army because practically immobile.

  33. Very true, actually. In fact, last time I played Undead, I literally couldn't move into a province that was scorched.

  34. The old hold starts goblintide right? Imo the easiest dwarfen disaster.

  35. Also the only dwarven disaster that provides anything like a substantial bonus for having gone through.

  36. Yup, but because of dev cost scalling by current dev it will spike way harder after a few clicks than it would if it were a regular province.

  37. Yeah. But still. I find myself incredibly impressed with dwarvish ingenuity.

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