1. If you are interested in domesticated xenos you MUST read the Labyrinth graphic novel or book.

  2. It's killing me that this hasn't been fixed yet. Apparently it's just an issue for thrustmaster equipment, I hadn't known that until recently. KT probably didn't know how to fix it, so instead of figuring it out they claimed publicly that it was coded that way "as intended". Which really infuriates me. I'm sitting over here using a fraction of my pedal to perform precise hairpin exits and they can't bother to deliver me what everyone else paid the same for.

  3. Anyone that tries to overtake on the long beach hairpin should go back to forza, especially with that big straight after it. Why is there always that one person?

  4. I don't know if you understand what this means to finnish basketball fans. It's a small country with ice hockey being the most popular sport with not a small margin. Then there is soccer and floorball and what else.

  5. Not in South-Finland where most reside. Football (soccer) is biggest in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area and Hockey is biggest in Tampere area. That's already like a fourth of the country.

  6. Hey, I can’t help it if Helsinki doesn’t have their shit together ;)

  7. The puma just looks and sounds amazing. Ott looks pretty comfortable. Hoping he can do better than P 20 this time around.

  8. Please use the Sweden attendee mega thread. I hope you get some answers soon. Cheers!

  9. The style and atmosphere are creepy while beautiful which reminds me of many of the Alien franchise cinematographers.

  10. You're welcome. I'll try to stay on top of each one, or get some help if I can't.

  11. Yeah! Harden and Brunson and Mikal Bridges deserve more recognition. I agree!

  12. The throttle pedal and auto clutch need a rework which they've already refused to fix as it's "as intended". The game hasn't had a significant update on Steam since December 20th and the devs are basically radio silent on the topic of this game in its entirety.

  13. I think they might just need to hop in a Dakar for this stage.

  14. You are welcome to ask questions about the time and car difference, but you do not have evidence of cheating, and posting misinformation with user names is not allowed.

  15. Handling makes these cars faster than horsepower. There's already more than enough power. Group A was faster near its end than group B cars.

  16. Stoplaughingyouidiotjusthelpmecomeandhelpmewiththisdagbottleofwine.

  17. You translated that video better than anything I’ve done with my life.

  18. shits and giggles? They have advertisements.

  19. It’s not free, but isn’t it just part of regular cable?

  20. Friendly reminder: You can post up to 1 full stage replay a week. Any more often will be considered spam in the sub. Thank you.

  21. Because they were used. You should alternate every stage.

  22. thx, but no thx. Eating nothing is less worse than eating shit

  23. You’re as dramatic as everyone else in here. It’s a nutrition-less McDonald’s cheeseburger if anything, which is in fact, better than nothing if you are starving.

  24. Who says I'm starving? Btw: you assume it's at least halfdecent, I assume it's pure shit.

  25. Ill eat my synthetic cheeseburger, and you can chow down on a big can of drama. Most of us here are starving for content. Seems silly to pretend that a show you hardly know anything about will be an equivalent to eating excrement.

  26. In her royal majesty’s name we pray… amen.

  27. Having a Tegata of a rikishi that you like is awesome, but having one that also looks this good is twice as awesome.

  28. As a bonus question, owning some myself, is the calligraphy done by the rikishi or by an assistant ? The skill and workmanship seem to vary wildly.

  29. That’s a great question. I’ve always assumed that an assistant of some sort does the kanji. Rikishi slap theough the stacks of Tegata so quickly that I highly doubt they take the time to also do some brushwork afterwords. However, almost all of the brushwork I’ve seen is pretty lose and varies on every page in a quick and carefree way. And, some of these foreign rikishi are probably not very good at writing kanji properly.

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