1. I’m an RN here…this guy definitely needs surgery and wound consulted. Also you wouldn’t clean the wounds with chloroform, likely antibacterial or a wash with same ph level. Does he need wet to dry dressing? After debridement of dead tissue, are the wounds larger? Any tunneling? Likely he will need a lot of wound cares that include continuous pump for wound healing. Also, would likely need tons of fluids and antibiotics, likely septic.

  2. That is just so terribly sad. What I would do is write your dad a card, and let him know how positive his presence has been in her life. Thank him for loving her, and for being there for her. Her last moment was knowing that her husband was cooking and caring for her. Mundane and routine, but what a peaceful way to go. Just a normal day with your loved one. I hope your father sees that it’s not his fault.

  3. You seem extremely immature. Every person has their issues and to exploit someone to benefit is horrible. I hope she runs far from you. You clearly have some serious issues you need to work out.

  4. Like any other adult in a committed relationship: communicate with your fiancé. There are numerous issues here and the largest one for your relationship is: why is she so insecure? That answer should be easy enough. It seems that she doesn’t think she’ll ever measure up to your best friend and the girl you’ve always had a crush on. How can she beat or exceed the history and time you have with your best friend? You need to talk to her and get it across that you see her as your future (if you do).

  5. I think David S. Buckel simply understood that he was one small human against giants. To do some good in this world seems impossible, and he must have felt great despair to do such a thing. I admire him for his work and his contributions, and I fully empathize why he would do self immolate. There are events and problems in this world that are beyond what we can fix or improve, and that is deeply saddening. Rest In Peace.

  6. I understand that there is a need for women in certain situations to have support services available to them, including the knowledge that they are not alone, that #### happens, and that other women in similar situations have made difficult but necessary decisions and moved on with their lives. But when the scenario at issue involves abortion, it should be approached with due gravity. Otherwise, the attempt at support might - and in fact does - come across as celebrating abortion.

  7. It's should and is such a private thing. And because it's so private, there's shame attached to it which is why I believe many women came out with their stories. It's a judgment call when you assume why people are getting abortions; you simply don't know and it's not your business. The right to an abortion is unconditional regardless of how "immoral" or reckless a person may be. It's a right.

  8. I have yet to hear an actual policy on pro life views and how it would operate in the real world.

  9. Some have alluded to the problem of people having too many children, but that's the least of our problems in planning. It's about density.

  10. I consider myself very socially liberal, and even I'm not bothered by this:

  11. This is clearly an assumption, not fact that you are basing this statement on. Every medical professional has to be licensed, so they have that standard.

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