1. I think I want to stay in tonight and enjoy the evening at home. Maybe do a little backyard stargazing. But tomorrow I plan on going out!

  2. Honestly always enjoyed staying in more then going out unless it's going to a good movie. Sounds like a good evening to me

  3. I'll let you know in about a week when I find my way back from being lost in your eyes

  4. Sometimes black and sometimes with a lil bit milk 1/4

  5. That sucks, hope you get better soon. Brings you some chicken noodle soup and oj

  6. Ups and down this has been a shitty month, hopefully next will be better

  7. Hello beautiful, doing pretty good. Hope you are doing good as well. Maybe your wanting some company?

  8. [ัƒะดะฐะปะตะฝะพ]

  9. Looks like plenty of space for some interesting times

  10. Can be at times but today was a good day. Maybe we can figure out how to eat up some of the boring time and make if fun time?

  11. Happy birthday beautiful ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’

  12. I'd be paranoid that it was someone behind me cause it's never me that I know of

  13. That it does, can imagine a few others looking good on you

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