1. An unnecessary film, but an enjoyable one. I’d be happy with another film or better, a D+ series with the same cast.

  2. Frank just dodged a cold wet and windy Tuesday trip to Stoke next season.

  3. Absolutely stunning in IMAX 3D. Incredible experience!

  4. Retrospective bookings post game needs to be introduced. It’s bloody pathetic!

  5. If your friend's wedding/party/work party/baby shower/event has anything to do with the Hammond family, I think you'll be the centre of attention.

  6. And one of them is the Prime Minister, such a man of the people.

  7. I’ve loved the introduction of on-foot gameplay and at times I get a real Alien Isolation vibe, even though I know a deserted settlement is exactly that. If FDev get this right, the future of this game will be as unsettling as it will be epic!

  8. Red Orchestra/Rising Storm did this really well. A quick evening game often became an eight hour affair!

  9. I loved the RS: Vietnam campaign mode. Discounting every time the attacking team picked Saigon to attack at the very start

  10. Great memories. Such a shame RS2 wasn’t given the long term support it deserved. I still have flashbacks from the arty!

  11. After seeing Avatar 2 on Saturday in IMAX 3D, I’ll take that bet. Easily the best cinema experience I’ve ever witnessed!

  12. The sound I hear in unison when I sit on the kitchen floor, with four standing on my out stretched legs, two head nestled on each of my shoulders and my arms wrapped around all of them. Pure bliss.

  13. While positions may change, top 4 looks pretty nailed on.

  14. The way Starfield will impact SC is as follows, the backers will mostly ignore its likely success, and continue to marvel at some shiny new picture of a ship. Meanwhile, modders will be hard at work adding not only every ship currently in SC to Starfield, but also adding every SC location and future content as well.

  15. Damn, I never considered this. The possibility of Pyro coming to Starfield before SC is seriously on the cards!

  16. I know right ? Most people don't realize that it's still early days and that CIG needs to build foundations and CoreTech like PES, Vulkan and Server Meshing first, before starting to work on things like AI, flight model, UI and other secondary features.

  17. Just wait until they are cold and wet in the away end at Stoke next season, the boos will be even louder!

  18. Everton fans have nearly spent as much on fireworks in the last few seasons than the board have in transfers!

  19. Marketing team clearly working overtime with these threads…

  20. Ha! Yeah. I can't deny that it could be a great deal of confirmation bias and sunken cost bias that's making me feel this way, because on paper, there's no reason I should feel any way about it lol.

  21. I just find it weird that gamers united across the world in absolute disgust when EA came out with the whole ‘sense of pride and accomplishment’ when it came to digital goods, and here we are praising expensive digital purchases as if it is some form of compelling gameplay loop. No offence but it’s a little bloody weird from my point of view.

  22. Twiddling thumbs waiting for this thread to finally arrive and you didn't disappoint!

  23. EA were right all along, there really is a sense of pride and accomplishment when buying digital goods.

  24. If only they were open to bringing back Marvel Heroes! I seriously miss that game.

  25. I’ve not. I’ve seen Force Awakens a second time, and Last Jedi and Rise only the once. Both were that bad I have no want or need to ever watch the sequel trilogy again. That saga ended with ROTJ for me.

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