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  1. You’ve gotta understand how far to the other end of the spectrum you are if you can clear the platinum in 4 deaths. That’s ludicrously far beyond expectation.

  2. The people who enjoy souls games and 'difficult for the sake of being difficult' are some very narcissistic people by and large, so... No. None of them understand this.

  3. A lot of people don't even have a phone. lol this was a business debacle that is for sure

  4. Wait until people find out phone numbers are public information

  5. And with everything being digital you can pre order at the last second. You don't have to go to gamestop 3 months before release anymore.

  6. This. Why give any company an interest free loan for x amount of months when you can get whatever useless digital trinket you cant live without by preordering a minute before launch?

  7. Fair enough, just reading that one bolded question I can see how you would come to the assumption that you have.

  8. Because we are speaking as GMs who are warning you that you're barking up the wrong tree, but your responses have proven that you dont want to hear what we have to say , so im going to disengage at this point.

  9. The big difference is that OW1's gameplay was based on counter-picks - somebody switches to a certain hero, and you swap to a different hero to counter them. The main content of the game was in having access to all the heroes in the middle of a match. With the battlepass, each new hero is locked behind a several weeks long grind to unlock (or you can buy the premium pass to unlock them instantly!), meaning that you need to grind through the battlepass each season or fork over cash in order to have access to all the heroes to counter your opponents.

  10. I haven't played Overwatch, but certainly in TF2, I feel like even the casual player understands that you occasionally have to switch classes to counter what the enemy team is doing. If you can't break an engineer nest or chokepoint, switch to Medic and build an Ubercharge. If a spy is terrorizing your team, switch to Pyro and terrorize him right back. You can even switch back once you've made your objective.

  11. I’d like to know it as well. If the token has a torch or lantern (basically the token has a light source on it), it becomes super overexposed. 🤔

  12. Same. I hate that there isnt an answer to this when I've gone looking.

  13. I have found that using a party token makes movement much faster in most situations.

  14. I tried it once, and it went over well for a time. I asked for $10 from everyone every session to cover our food/drink costs and whatever was leftover would slowly build up to cover materials and such.

  15. What you call a glaring issue, was one of the features that drew me to the game. The fact that the storyteller actively participates and maximizes peoples enjoyments is great to me. But yes, to each their own. What is CtA?

  16. Which I definitely get. It will be a divisive opinion for me to hold, but I just dont like that from game to game, my actions as a player will hold different weight.

  17. I have CtA but haven’t played it yet. I, too, came to board games via ttrpgs.

  18. Yeah, maybe its just that they always script the roles where the storyteller does have leeway of some kind, because I'm a huge fan of Town of Salem, and this seemed like a working version of that as an in person game and when I saw NRB doing it, I thought Id be a sucker for it.

  19. I am way too poor to fork out the dosh for all the tabletop terrain, and man is that a shame because it looks cool, but even still -- in person is the only way to fly for me. I can only afford markers and a mat, but man is it so much more fun than staring at a virtual map IMO.

  20. Lucky enough to have a couple 3d printers which helps a lot with terrain

  21. That's pretty neat. Unfortunately again money has never permitted me to check them out, and now I feel like im so far behind the curve that people talk about them as though everyone is steeped in the lingo. Not sure I'll ever be able to break into the scene.

  22. This is making me think that cash is defective cash. Like, a gift card might only be redeemable at Amazon, but cash is only redeemable within a certain geographic area. Good luck using your Yen cash in another country. You have to go to a bank and talk to the manager to be able to use it and there's forms to fill out and they take some of your cash and keep it themselves.

  23. But I can use my cash to buy the plane ticket to get to the place where my cash is no good.

  24. Just don’t buy these any more. Give cash as a gift. I’ve never understood why this was considered more thoughtful then actual cash.

  25. Sometimes in the USA, boardgames from Amazon don't even ship in boxes -- they just slap the shipping label on the board game box

  26. This has never happened to me or anyone I know, so I'm going to assume this is a pretty rare problem, but still would suck to have it happen.

  27. I don't think having horny minis is inherently a bad thing, but I also don't think I've seen a single mini from Kingdom Death that ISN'T horny. Even the gross weird ones.

  28. I've kind of assumed at this point that when I see Kingdom Death, I'm going to see unrealistic proportions, scant clothing, and an objectifying sculpt that panders to male consumers.

  29. I haven't played the game or read a great deal about it, but I thought the schtick was that it's a difficult tactical mini game with permadeath. I've come to realize that sharks with boobs are also part of it

  30. I didnt even know there was a game. I just assumed they made lewd miniatures.

  31. I feel like 90% of these comments would go away if they just called it 'Overwatch 2.0'. It's an update, there should not be an expectation of preserving the old version. They didn't keep a version of the game before role queue or hero limits but they did add it to the arcade which is probably what's going to happen for 6v6.

  32. You are homebrewing too, but you don't realised it yet. Let me explain:

  33. I mean, you're a child, so yeah I imagine all you do is copypaste what you've heard.

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