1. I’ve used simple syrup before. Quite simple can make either homemade or just buy the bottles of pre made.

  2. That’s crazy. I’m currently on felony probation in Hamilton county(Cincinnati) and I’ve had to deal with the supervisor a few months as my PO and she even told me that as long as I have my medical card there isn’t anything they can do.

  3. Definitely! Had my renewal through them yesterday. Recommendation was sent right over.

  4. Have a heart Cincinnati is doing 35% off the week leading to New Years, 40% off on New Year’s Eve.

  5. Appreciate y’all. Another question I didn’t even think about asking. Would you only recommend the butterfly effect luster battery? I don’t see many kits around and often see the ccell luster battery in the accessories. Just as good?

  6. So I’ve just received a text “Your order is being filled at the -. Please verify your order receipt for pick-up time.” This does mean that my order is still a go?

  7. Thank you for all the reviews. I was wanting to try the second breakfast might have to snag that the next time around @snoo63870 for anyone wondering I did happen to go with the Astral Destiny. This is a video I took from the parking lot.

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