1. I don't remember what I have said before but right now on these pictures I think winter

  2. I had my analysis today and it turns out, I'm an Autumn! A Deep Blue Autumn!

  3. Yes I saw that. I guessed a little differently, but It was fun to follow along and see how it went. I am glad for you that you got to know what you are. Thanks again for sharing!

  4. And that's the "Dark Winter" yellow for you? Well from my point of view, cold seasons (especially Winter) don't look good in warm colors ( exception for Soft Summer sometimes). Winters are very "defined" by their nature. It's hard for me to imagine more warm colors than yellow and orange, generally.

  5. According to, that yellow color seems to fit in with dark winter

  6. If suiting warm foundation means you can not be true season, that makes me confused. I did a test in a store ones. A mashine sensed my skin tone. I think the test the result told that quite warm faundation would suit me best. I got a code, one foundation that the cod fit on was called sand. I understand it as sand is a pretty warm color? - I am a cool summer I have been told

  7. The term "sand" is a color descriptor, and there's no unified objective measurable standard for describing colors in cosmetics. Degrees of coolness and warmth of face makeup vary between cosmetic companies. I wouldn't rely on the description by itself, I would look at the color in comparison to other colors, to figure out its undertone.

  8. The code is K-L7W4. I think that L7 stands for light 7, and W4 stands for warm 4

  9. I can imagine that it KIND OF changes your season, but not really. That you fit better in other colors than usual, and do not fit as well in colors as you used to. But probably you will always fit absolute best in your real colors and real season when you go for that

  10. I think you look good in strong colors. I wonder how you would look in some brighter colors. Neutral warm colors maby? Bright spring colors?

  11. But you look good in autumn colors. I thought mostly to have something other to compare against. To try that too. Maby it's even better? or maby not?

  12. My guess is that you are a warm spring. But try some more drapings between spring and autumn to be more sure

  13. Deep winter is my guess. Because you look muted to me, and I believe muted winter colors would look best. And I could be wrong but I dont believe you are ice cold.

  14. Actually quite hard to guess based on these pictures, but guessing wildly on summer

  15. I dont know 🤷‍♀️, I was just saying what the eye patterns told me. I didn't get a sense of what you could be by looking at the colors

  16. Why the downvote whoever did it ? Do you have to answer what season you think someone is if you can't see anyone in particular? Or was I stupid to try to Interpret the eyepattern? I thought op wanted us to do that?

  17. Your eyepattern seems to point towards deep autumn or deep winter In my understanding. I see a "wheel" which poit to winter? And it looks like you have a aztek sun which point towards autumn?

  18. Are you sure you are not warm? I like 2 and 3 most of these, but I wonder if warmer colors suit you better? Example the first picture looks too cold on you

  19. I’ve been told I’m cool toned because I burn easily, my veins are blue, and I have freckles!

  20. Thanks for the insight! I feel like I’m blind looking at myself. What colors seem to look best?

  21. Example I think the red on page 4 looked better then the other ones that was more orangey. And I didn't really like the yellows on page 5. I like you in the blue colors on page 7, the ones on the left

  22. You look warmer then cool summer. The warm colors look quite good on you. I think you way be an autumn maby or perhaps one of the seasons between summer and autumn. Maby soft autumn?

  23. I like pic 2, 4 and 10 and 12. Black pic 13 and 14 is to strong. Color in pic 6 and 11 also look to strong, maby because they are winter colors? Color on pic 3 is to dark and cold I think, maby pic 7 Also. Color on pic 8 look a little too dusty/pale and cool I think. Grey (pic 9) does nothing for you I think.

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