China demolishing unfinished high-rises

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  • By - iop9

  1. Just wanted to share my baby 😊. Only upgrades/Mods are 37 BFG Goodrich, SCT Tuner, Roush cold air intake and got her on high perch. For most part I like to keep things I'm cheap lol

  2. Thanks man I appreciate it. A Ruby Red Scab is the rarest Raptor out there apparently. Only 175 were made

  3. Idk if you are serious or joking but my raptor is ruby red and I've seen at least 3 others in my area albeit Its a major city.

  4. Only 175 Ruby Red gen 1 Super Cabs were ever made aka Scabs. There’s way more Ruby Red Super Crews. 2786 to be exact.

  5. Having driven one of these trucks for a while, they’re pretty epic off road vehicles, but they’re not bullet proof or remotely armored. Also, they’re suspension isn’t really built for adding a few hundred pounds of body armor. I don’t know much about the cartels engagement tactics but this seems dubious.

  6. They work pretty well. I’ve had a few. There are definitely better ones out there but it’ll get the job done. Definitely light being polymer.

  7. RDR Gear mission specific placard on a Spiritus Systems Thing 2 chassis

  8. The DHS Secretary said the biggest threat to the U.S is white extremists

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