1. She’s a perfect example of the mousy brunette effect.

  2. Yes 100%. Women in their 40s or 50s are much more attractive to me then a woman in her 20s. I think it’s because as I’ve grown up I’ve realized that looks really don’t mean anything. It doesn’t usually tell me anything about a person.

  3. Yeah but I think this guy was talking about physical attractiveness. What you’re saying is that you’re emotionally attracted to older women IN SPITE of their age and looks, right? So like no you’re still not attracted to them physically

  4. Not true at all. I am more physically attracted to women in the 30-50 age range than younger women, in general.

  5. Yeah that’s what I wanted to hear! Also wdym “not true at all” if I was only talking about the guy in the original comment and not making a single generalisation. I’m literally glad it’s not true for you lol

  6. Worse than the other seasons but still enjoyable. I liked Pope and Cleo scenes, I liked the train heist scene, I liked the first episodes where they get abducted by Singh, I liked Rafe.

  7. I think her sloped shoulders make her look like she would be a soft type (and a soft classic, which I’m pretty sure was a lot of peoples first guess), but I don’t think she actually is.

  8. FN imo, you’d look better in something more relaxed and open. Tightly fitted stuff with high necklines kind of hides you in a way

  9. Omg it’s perfect. We have very similar noses and you go the exact shape that I always wanted to achieve too :)

  10. He wouldn’t have been able to sell it and make any profit if he just put the full cross on the market. It would attract ton of unnecessary attention. It could be the government.. but it could also be people like Sighn who, if you forgot, kidnapped him literally because he tried doing what you’re proposing. He’s not dumb. He even explained to his dad that the reason he melted it down was to be able to sell it without the cross being traced back to him.

  11. Well yeah money is nice.. but he melted the cross. Something historical, priceless, one of a kind, worth something. Gone now, never to be seen again, because Rafe wanted some money. You think that’s not dumb? 😭 That’s like someone burning the original Mona Lisa or destroying the Rosetta Stone. We know he “explained” it to Ward, and Wards reaction was 100% flabbergasted and 100% accurate. For GOOD reason. Honestly as Rafe burned the cross I didn’t think much in that moment. When Ward reacted.. whew. It hit me. You just can’t be so careless with something like that.

  12. Obviously this is dumb. However your reasoning in the original comment wasn’t that it is senseless to do this to such a meaningful artefact. Your reasoning was that the full cross would’ve made him more money. Which it wouldn’t have. So I explained his logic to you from a strictly business point of view.

  13. If I could delete any scene from this show it would be that one or the Pope and Kiara sex scene.

  14. I thought that it was the exact opposite and it was even more of a reflection on Big John’s character than I initially realized.

  15. well the show runners don’t want them to be in highschool/teenagers anymore so the szn 1 vibes are going to be close to nonexistent

  16. I'm actually enjoying HIMYF some. It's no HIMYM and it's not great but it also isn't horrible. It's had some good moments so far. I like how they have HIMYM alum cameos, it doesn't feel forced so far.

  17. Netflix shows rarely go past 4 seasons unless it’s the “Elite” series, but them making season 1-3 trilogy and 4-6 another trilogy makes sense. Especially with the time jump at the end of season 3.

  18. Can you give examples of the elite series ur referring to? Would it be smthn like Breaking Bad or are we just talking about fan-loved record breaking shows like Ginny and Georgia?

  19. It’s a Spanish teen drama/thriller/mystery. There’s already 6 seasons out and I think a 7th is coming which is super rare for a Netflix show.

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