1. Sadly meme posts like this will never work cause there's actually people who think like this - and just based off all the comments taking this seriously, just as many people who feel the need to fire back instantly. Thanks for the laugh tho!

  2. His roster should net 2 lv 7 gems maximum per week, you can calculate it. Average is probably closer to 1.5. He got 16 (? Dunno how many dmg Tai scrapper runs, I assume 5)

  3. Oh right one thing you forgot to calculate (I think?). If I get a level 7 gem for a character, the level 5 gem it's replacing goes back towards making more level 7 gems. And also there's other sources of gems from the game (chaos dungeon, chaos gate, guild siege islands, etc.

  4. Yeah I saw that. I get like 5 k drops from accessories XD. I'm running 6 x 1475 Chaos / Guard aswell

  5. I don't wanna assume anything, but I'm just wondering - are you also selling accessories that only go for 500-1k gold? I know a lot of people (myself included) who used to see accessories like those, and didn't even bother listing them on the auction house. However, now I pretty much sell every accessory worth over 100 gold I get, and it really does add up. Also, make sure your filtering system for auto-dismantle isn't too strict. I used to have it set to auto-dismantle everything with "useless" engravings like propulsion etc, but with how few accessories there are on the AH currently, high quality necklaces with class +3 and something useless +5 can still sell for a lot. Also, make sure you're checking prices for +3/+4 accessories as well. On blade for example, certain +3/+4 accessories can sell for 30k+.

  6. What’s makes you not want to push 5x3 on your main?

  7. Oh I definitely want to, that's the whole point of this. Pushing to 5x3 would cost roughly 120k gold (that's the cheapest setup I could find after a couple hours looking thru AH over the course of a couple days), and that's with legendary grudge maxed out which I don't have (won't be learning RE books as I plan on swapping mains in the near future). If I hadn't pushed alts, there would've been no way I could afford that. My thinking was that I had roughly 2 months until clown release, so the first month would be to push alts and make sure I had a stable source of income. This month, my goal is to push my main to 1480+ and get 5x3.

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