1. For iOS if you have another email to make an account just make one for Canada and find any Canadian address. That’s all I did.

  2. Fun box for 80 gems. It’s a 2% chance to get it. Not really worth it if you don’t want it badly but I took a chance and got it lol.

  3. Yeah some of the Yeezys went up in price due to it. Some idiots like the other guy who commented sold all theirs or burned all theirs. They should go ahead and do the same with their Nikes who use child labor. Or at least used to. You can go DEEP with this shit… so why just stop at Yeezys? Can be applied to any tucking thing.

  4. I pulled Lockjaw today, no Hell Cow or Colleen Wing yet unfortunately though. Worth trying to replace them and giving it a go?

  5. I think so, for me this deck is just about having fun. Although Colleen does being some consistency.

  6. Just search up a guide on YouTube for download help. It’s a lot but it’s worth the effort. The game is pretty fun.

  7. I would say main focus being order of draw and your drawing technique for a venipuncture, hand draw, using a syringe, butterfly. That kind of stuff.

  8. There are ppl who got it on the free so no ur not the luckiest

  9. Try looking for jobs at Quest Diagnostics or Lab Corp they usually don’t require experience. Also just apply anyway a lot of the time they’re desperate for employees and will take someone with the proper credentials but no experience. The worst they can do is deny you the job. My first ER Tech job technically required experience but I was fresh out of EMT school and got the position.

  10. Ok I have applied to quest in my area but they didn’t accept me. I’ll just keep looking thanks for the advice.

  11. Level and medals are easy way to increase that, but also make sure to increase skill level to max, it is more costly but it will help a lot Edit: also wtf you have so many level 100s what are you doing... You should have much more support % than that, I have like 4 level 100s.. support percentage above 120

  12. I just started last week. And spent most of my rainbow currency on that banner that cost 10 to pull a lot of characters. So I am slowly working towards bettering my support. My main focus has been Roger.

  13. I don’t have Apoc but isn’t he used more for his horseman ability and synergy? But if you aren’t into the whole horsemen thing then I guess so🤷🏾‍♂️.

  14. Who would help me more knull or Odin. Currently a cav player that wants to complete act 6. Both 5 star and both awakened. I have 50 sig stones if I need to throw some stones I can. I also already have a CGR. 5/65

  15. Try the website called SEAGM it has different gift cards that you can buy from different regions. As sketchy as it sounds it worked for me and I was able to buy the pass. All I did was buy a apple gift card from the Canadian IOS store and gave me the code through email. I am sure you can buy a google play store card on there just choose the region from the game not your region. SO probably Canadian or the other euro countries that are available for download.

  16. I tried but it still says not available in your country the accounts Canadian and the gift card is too.

  17. That’s strange if you are logged in the your Canadian account it should have worked

  18. As for the "sandbagging", this was their official statement prior to these changes:

  19. Update: I chose human torch out of the 5 star and Karven out of the six star

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