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  1. $12.80 a lb. I just paid $8 a lb for ribeyes yesterday why would I want this?

  2. Try getting involved with Norte if you like biking. There is also a solid pickup bball scene.

  3. I would be very interested in this. I used to play, and currently play bball most days in the Winter.

  4. Thanks for asking how to help. I’ll start a business plan soon and check in with this thread on questions I’d have for the community.

  5. This haha op put up a piece of plywood for that 1%

  6. My team this year is fucking hilarious. It's a superflex league, there was an early aggressive run on QBs that I wasn't thrilled with, so instead I figured I'd grab a couple mid-level QBs later and load on skill positions early. I selected:

  7. There's some good YouTube videos on ammo/band compatability but briefly: steel ball bearings are considered lightweight at 4.5mm to 6mm, medium at 8mm to 9.5mm, and heavyweight from about 10mm-12mm and over. Lead ammo is heavier and packs more of a punch but is harder to get and more expensive. Hunting isn't my strong area but basically you want to hit bigger prey with bigger ammo as the kill is blunt force trauma rather than penetration.

  8. Next on sports center: How will this affect Lebron’s legacy?

  9. I think it is not good idea - bulkhead will not be deformated properly from both sides. May be better to remove it and re-glue in 5 cm to front?

  10. All of it. Obviously adjust if the injury isn’t as serious as expected, but if it’s like 8+ weeks, all of it.

  11. You really do think Melvin will get out of the proverbial dog house, and see a lot of action? I actually already have Melvin, so that's good.

  12. I do want them back, yes. The question is whether I should trim, and reseed in Spring, or let them be. I know they are helpful for local birds, bees, etc

  13. The stock and your cheek generally get in the way, but it's possible. Just awkward. Some days I will shoot left handed, some days right. I just adjust the diopter on my scope for my lazy mofo right eye.

  14. I'm right-handed but left eye dominant. I felt like I was compromising too much in form to use my left eye. I had a bad habit of using my left eye when shooting handguns so I retrained myself to use my right at all times. Wearing glasses while shooting helped a lot too even though I don't have a strong perscription.

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