1. To be fair, this is a sub about a specific game. There is a

  2. Can it pass the ethics sections? How does it do with professional judgement?

  3. is this somehow a misdirect or did a bear really push the boat away

  4. I'd imagine it's correlation is not causation. I will guess bear pawing the ship trying to climb it.

  5. depends on if they are grass fed or raised on saturated transfats

  6. Nice, i think it took me about 8 years, definitely not easy to cover all the areas.

  7. Hamsters are just bad at life, but still better than me.

  8. i mean they get to zorb all over the place, it's pretty rad.

  9. That bit depends on where you live. Here in Alberta, salary roles still require overtime be paid out for extra hours. CPA's are exempt as are many other professions. Managers are exempt but they must be actual managers with direct reports. Non designated accountants and other roles do get overtime.

  10. Alberta sounds kind of nice. In BC an AP clerk is overtime exempt.

  11. i stopped using the regular shop for a long time so i don't have +5 coral sword, sleep blade, main gauche, or mage masher.

  12. could go for a fries in gravy in the cafeteria.

  13. Not disputing whether she's qualified or not, but I am curious what % of active nurses in Canada would also fail that test after being out of school for 10-20 years

  14. Accountants have to keep current, it should be as or more diligent when lives are on the line.

  15. I'm not sure if it's ironic that I got paywalled on this article or it's not.

  16. Are buffets not by definition AYCE? Anyway, same. That was one of my favourite parts about BC Ferries. The website still says they’re temporarily closed due to Covid, but I’m getting more and more pessimistic by the day that they’re not coming back…such a shame to see so few buffets nowadays.

  17. I've never seen one of those. were they not on the nanaimo routes?

  18. no because this was a clip show and didn't happen ;)

  19. What happens with that kid? Why his head and left fist are giant and the rest of his body minuscule?

  20. sounds like amazon shouldn't have facilitated a scam

  21. Also maybe seems like the SCAMMERS shouldn't have perpetrated a scam.

  22. so like chains and chainmail invested rpg. Japan and American made rules off of TTRPG called wizardry. then that shit forks into irroncelibiable paths.

  23. who were you sending front images of a CC to?

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